Logical Riddle: How Many Ties Should Jim Pick?

Test your logical skills with this riddle. Jim keeps all his ties in a drawer. He has 7 yellow, 10 blue, 9 red, 20 green and 3 purple colored ties. He does not sort and keep them. There is a power outage and Jim needs 2 ties of the same color. Since he cannot see

Logical Riddle: What Bills and Coins Do You Have?

How well do you know your money? Test your skill with this logical riddle. You have $10.60 in two bills and three coins. What bills and coins do you have? Share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Did you get the correct answer? If yes, you know your money well. Actually, this is

Logical Riddle: Which Hairdresser Would You Go to?

Read the riddle carefully and then answer it. Leave your answers in the comment section. There are 2 hair dressers in a small town. Everyone in the town goes to either one of them as there are no other salons in the vicinity. You are visiting the town and you need to go to the