A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads: Guess all of Them

An excellent Tribute To Classic Indian Ads by AIB. AIB collaborates with Voctronica to pay tribute to the era of advertising that defined our childhood. Best to listen to this with your headphones on! A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads (Full Version feat. AIB & Voctronica) Credits: Created by: AIB & Voctronica Directed by: Kumar […]

Dhara Cooking Oil Jalebi – Nostalgic Old Doordarshan advertisement

Here is The Dhara Cooking oil advertisement where the boy runs away from home and then an old uncle comes to get him back, the kid is waiting for a train all adamant and the man says \’i jus came to tell you that your mother has made jalebis\’.. and the kid says \’\’JALEBI?\’\’.. and then […]

Nostalgic Doordarshan Advertisement – Ek Anek Video by Film Division

Here\’s an old nostalgic advertisement from DD. I revisit my childhood every time I see this video and I guess many still love to see this. The video is Ek Anek where a sister is explaining her brother the importance of unity. This video is one of the many public interest commercials that were broadcasted […]