Picture Riddle: How Many Yellow Triangles Will Balance The Scale?

In the given picture you will see the scale is been balanced by certain objects. Look at the picture and find how many Yellow Triangles will balance the last scale? Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Logical Riddle: Which Hairdresser Would You Go to?

Read the riddle carefully and then answer it. Leave your answers in the comment section. There are 2 hair dressers in a small town. Everyone in the town goes to either one of them as there are no other salons in the vicinity. You are visiting the town and you need to go to the … Read more

Math Riddle: How Do You Write The Following; 23 Using Only The Number 2?

Leave your answers in the comment section; How do you write the following; 23 using only the number 2? 34 using only the number 3? 56 using only the number 5? 100 using only the number 9?

Logical Riddle: How Will You Find the Truth City?

Test your logical skills with this riddle. You have to do a survey in the Truth city as everyone living there speaks the truth. The Lie city where everyone lies is right next to it and there is no way that you can find out which is which (No sign boards, etc.) You come across … Read more

Interview Question: What Will You Hit For Minimum Damage?

Leave your answer to the riddle in the comment section with the explanation. You’re driving your car at 80 mph. You can drive only on the road as one side there is a mountain and on the other side there is a deep valley. A car is heading towards you on the right side of the road … Read more