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My name is Bhavini Thakkar Bangera. Thakkar is my maiden surname and I like to stick to it since I love it and many of my friends still know me as Bhavini Thakkar. Bangera is the surname I received after marriage with Puneet Bangera. I am 29 years old and stay in Mumbai with my hubby and my 4 year old pet, Simba. I work in a Financial Services company as a Brand Manager. In my spare time, I do a lot of activities like cooking, watching movies, listening to music, etc. I have always liked writing and that’s because I love expressing myself through words, being a Brand Manager my job also involves all kinds of writing and last but not the least…since I am a Leo and that’s a typical characteristic of a Leon!Isn't my writing instinct evident from one more fact…the amount of writing I have done above! :pI hope you all enjoy what I write and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!
Website: http://www.bhavinionline.com/
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Logical Riddle: Who Will Bob Like, Jane Or Sally?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Bob likes Jim but not Jimmy, pears but not apples, vans but not jeeps, hockey but not ball, squash but not tennis. Who will he like, Jane or Sally? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking […] Continue reading →

Riddles for Kids: How Many Chocolates Are There?

Here’s an easy riddle for a stress free weekend. My sister has two chocolates. I had two chocolates. My brother has two chocolates. My cousin has two chocolates. Wow, that’s a lot of chocolate! How many chocolates are there? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other […] Continue reading →

Murder Mystery: Who Was The Killer And Why?

Time to wear your detective hats and solve this murder mystery. A man was murdered on one freezing Friday. The police came. They got explanations of what everyone at the house was doing that day: The wife was cooking dinner. The maid was dusting the bedroom. The butler was cleaning the pool. The children were […] Continue reading →