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My name is Bhavini Thakkar Bangera. Thakkar is my maiden surname and I like to stick to it since I love it and many of my friends still know me as Bhavini Thakkar. Bangera is the surname I received after marriage with Puneet Bangera. I am 29 years old and stay in Mumbai with my hubby and my 4 year old pet, Simba. I work in a Financial Services company as a Brand Manager. In my spare time, I do a lot of activities like cooking, watching movies, listening to music, etc. I have always liked writing and that’s because I love expressing myself through words, being a Brand Manager my job also involves all kinds of writing and last but not the least…since I am a Leo and that’s a typical characteristic of a Leon!Isn't my writing instinct evident from one more fact…the amount of writing I have done above! :pI hope you all enjoy what I write and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!
Website: http://www.bhavinionline.com/
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Picture Riddle: Find The Error in The Photo

The original photo is of the Popular group “Fifth Harmony ‘, they posed for the cover of’ Billboard ‘on the occasion of their new album. I guess the picture for photoshopped, with a blatant error. Can you spot the mistake in the picture below? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends […] Continue reading →

Logical Riddle: How Will the Man Escape From Germany?

Use your logical skills to solve this difficult riddle. A man from Switzerland is stuck in Germany during the World War II. The only way to escape is to cross a bridge over a river from Germany to Switzerland. There is a sentry beside the bridge who comes out every three minutes. If the man […] Continue reading →

GK Test: Galileo Was An Italian Astronomer Who…?

Let see how many can answer this basic general knowledge question. Galileo was an Italian astronomer who A. developed the telescope B. discovered four satellites of Jupiter C. discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement D. All of the above If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends […] Continue reading →

What Comes Next In The Sequence: 9, 11, 8, 12, ?

Look at the series of numbers given in the riddle and find the logic between them. Once you have found how the numbers are connected find the missing numbers. What comes in the sequence: 9, 11, 8, 12, ? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other […] Continue reading →