Picture Detective Riddle: Is This a Murder or a Suicide? (III)

If you can answer this picture riddle correctly, you will make a great detective. In the picture you will see a dead body and some clues. Look at the picture carefully and see if you can find anything that will help you determine whether it is a Murder or a suicide? So were you able […]

Logical Riddle: Who Is Telling The Truth?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Alan says Britney is lying, Britney says Jack is lying, Jack accuses that both of them are lying. One of them is telling the truth, who is it? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check […]

Logical Riddle: Who Arrived With Which Car?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle which I got on WhatsApp today. This is a tough one. Three cars had driven into a parking lot at the same time, and the three drivers left them all for the attendant to park. Unfortunately, the attendant isn’t too good at remembering exactly which driver drove […]

Brain Teaser: How Much Does The Mixture Weigh Now?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Dexter was working in his chemistry lab and created a mixture whose weight is contributed by 90% water and 10% Carbon. The weight of the mixture is 20 pounds. As he just finished creating the mixture, Dexter needs to go urgently for some work for 2 days. […]

Logical Riddle: Why Did The Man Thank The Bartender?

Think out-of-the-box to solve this riddle. A man walked in to a bar and asked for a glass of water. The bartender took out a gun and pointed it at him. The man who had asked for the glass of water just smiled, thanked him and walked away happy. Why? So were you able to […]

Brain Teaser: Who Can Creep Under the Wire Around the Earth?

Put on your thinking caps and solve this brain teaser. The circumference of the Earth is around 40,075 km. If we made a circle of a wire around the globe, that is only 10 meters (0.01 km) longer than the circumference of the globe; Who among the following (an ant, a mouse, or a man) […]

Logical Reasoning Riddle: Is the Third Statement True or False?

Improve your logical reasoning skills with this simple riddle. Tom is older than Emily. Charlie is older than Tom. Emily is older than Charlie. If the first two statements are true, the third statement is A. true B. false C. uncertain So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment […]