Logical Riddle: How Much Would A Blazer Cost

Sharpen your logical thinking by solving this riddle. There is a clothing retail shop in Clothland. The owner prices each item using his own method. The items are priced as follows; Vest: $20, Trousers: $40, Cap: $15 and Shirt: $25. Using the method, how much would a blazer cost? So were you able to crack […]

Logical Riddle: Who Scored The Highest And Lowest Marks?

Wear your logical hat to solve this riddle. Four students are comparing their test marks. York scored higher marks than Amber but lower than Nelly. Max scored higher marks than Nelly. Who scored the highest and lowest marks? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. If […]

Logical Riddle: How Did the Win Percentage for Both the Teams Increase?

Read the riddle carefully and solve it using your logical reasoning skills. Two Cricket teams had the same win percentage before a series. After they played a 4 game series the win percentage of both the teams improved. How is this possible? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the […]

What Is The Order Of Their Earnings From Highest To The Least?

Solve this riddle using your logical reasoning skills. 3 Friends are comparing their weekly earnings. Katy earns more than Harry, who earns the least. Jim does not make as much as Katy. What is the order of their earnings from highest to the least? A. Harry, Jim, Katy. B. Katy, Jim, Harry. C. Jim, Katy, […]

Logical Reasoning Riddle: Who Is The Tallest And The Shortest?

Use your logical reasoning skills to solve this riddle. Four children are measuring their heights. They find out the following; Tim is taller than Sam but not taller than Luke Amy is not as tall as Sam Who is the tallest and the shortest?   So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your […]

What Is the One Question That Will Ensure Max’s Passage To Heaven?

Hone your logical thinking skills with this riddle. Max is killed in a road accident and he finds himself in front of two identical doors. One leads to heaven and one leads to hell. There are identical gatekeepers at each door. One gatekeeper can only tell the truth, whereas the other can only tell lies. […]