Matchstick Riddle: Add 1 Matchstick to Correct the Equation

Find some matchsticks and put on your thinking caps to solve this riddle. Can you add a single matchstick to this equation to make it correct? Conditions: You can’t move any of the other matchsticks. Your matchstick has to touch one other match stick only. If you get the correct answer, please share it with […]

Matchstick Riddle: Move 2 Sticks to Correct the Equation

In the picture given in the riddle you will see an incorrect mathematical expression formed with the help of matchsticks The equation is however incorrect. Can you move exactly 2 sticks, to correct the equation. If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking sites. This […]

Correct the Equation by Just Moving 1 Matchstick: XXIII/VII = II

Have some fun with matchsticks with this riddle. Look at the equation that is represented by matchsticks. The equation is incorrect and needs to be fixed. If you move just 1 matchstick the equation will be correct? Can you find what that move will be? XIII = II VII When you find the answer share it […]

Picture Riddle: Move 3 Matchsticks to turn the fish around

Have fun with matchsticks with this picture riddle. Can  you move 3 matchsticks in the picture below such that the fish points in the opposite direction? You are a genius if you can solve it. Share it with your friends and Family on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: Solved in the image below;