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Viral Videos: Amazingly Trained Dog Jumpy

Meet Jumpy, the amazing Cattle dog with the most amazing routine ever. Never in all my life have I seen a dog so well trained! Will your dog listen to you, this well? Don’t miss the last 7 seconds, when Jumpy finally gets what he wants. It’s totally delightful! This video was made by Omar […] Continue reading →

Funny Pet Videos: Who Pooped in the Kitchen?

Did you know that dogs can be rats? Watch this tattle tale pooch rat on his brother for pooping in the kitchen. Somebody needs to teach this dog a lesson about solidarity! To all you guilty dogs out there, you never know who you can trust! Who Pooped in the Kitchen? Continue reading →

Super Cute Pet Video: Ettore The Lab Asks For Forgiveness

Pleading the dog owner….Please forgive me… by hugging owner in adorable The dog that learned to beg… for FORGIVENESS! Guilty pet gives its owner a hug and whimpers after it gets a telling off A video showing a golden Labrador ‘apologizing for doing a bad thing’ has captured the internet’s heart and gone viral. The […] Continue reading →

Cute Dog Stopping his owner from Drinking

Check out this cute dog video. Received this video on WhatsApp today and found it really cute. The dog probably wants to say that he is always there for the owner and he does not need to drink even if is very sad. The background song is a Hindi Movie heartbreak song so probably the […] Continue reading →

Sounth American Ovenbird builds an Elaborate Home

These birds have been hard at work setting up their new nest in time for the breeding season. This series of photographs gives an insight into the elaborate process that South American ovenbirds, also known as el hornero (the house builder), go through to create their home, complete with a dome-shaped roof. Using clay or […] Continue reading →