16 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Did you know that some companies have little hidden messages in their logos? Most of them you will have to look a little harder to see what you may have missed at first glance. In the video you will see 16 logos of popular brands with hidden messages in them. It makes you wonder how … Read more

These Comeback Videos From Maggi Noodles Would Make You Miss it More

I guess every Indian must have tasted and enjoyed Maggi and some point of his life. The Maggi ban actually depressed the entire nation. I understand it was banned on health grounds and it should not be promoted but it has been an integral parts of our lifes. Maggi Noodles was our one and only … Read more

Tips to Promote your Business

Tips to Promote your Business

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Home based businesses are no exception. Here are a few tips on promoting your business. Personalize your business cards with a company logo. Be sure to include email addresses and website URL on the front. If you sell a product, carry several samples with you. Attach a … Read more

Brief history of Product Placement in Movies

These days, we are quite immune to the amount of product placement – the art of discreetly promoting a brand by making it a part of the plot – that goes into a movie. Here is a small clip tracing the history of product placement from the black and white era to Michael Bay’s record-breaking … Read more