Picture Riddles: Guess the Name of the Medicines

Enjoy playing the game Pictionary? Then you will definitely enjoy solcing this riddle. In the riddle you will see some picture put together to represent some medicines. Guess the name of the medicines shown in the picture below; Here are the exact pictures I received on WhatsApp; So were you able to solve the riddle?

Can You Guess What Phrase This Rebus Puzzle Is?

Rebus riddles are where a group of letters or words represent a word or a phrase. Can you guess what phrase this Rebus puzzle is? Albert Einstein, Marie Curie Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Teresa Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale   So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Rebus Puzzle: Which Phrase Do These Letters Represent?

Rebus are the kind of puzzles where you have to guess the phrases from the given set of letters or words Below you will see some letters which actually represent a popular phrase. Can you guess the phrase? Ag Cir Ag rus Ag Cumu  Ag lus Stratu  Ag s So were you able to solve