Picture Riddle: Guess This Hindi Phrase Shown in The image

Sharing a hindi Riddle or Paheli after a long time, just for change. Look at the images in the picture riddle below and guess the popular phrase. Should be very easy for Hindi speaking people. The picture shows a gun, leaf, key, hands and a car. Can you connect them? Were you able to solve the

Logical Riddle: Equal Distribution of the Stolen Diamonds

Use your logical and mathematical skills to solve this riddle. 7 thieves rob a diamond merchant of some diamonds. They return to their den and go off to sleep. When everybody was sleeping, two of them woke up and decided to divide the diamonds equally among themselves. But when they divided the diamonds equally, one

Picture Riddle: Can You Find An Animal Hidden in this Photo?

Test your observation skills with this picture riddle. In the given photo you will see snow and some shrubs, but can you also see anything apart from that? Can you see the animal hidden somewhere in the given photo? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.