River Crossing Puzzle: Three Humans and Three Wolves

Here’s a river crossing puzzle which will make you think with all your logical reasoning skills. Three humans, one big wolf and two small wolves are to cross a river: These are the conditions that have to be followed. Only humans and the big wolf can row the boat. At all times, the number of […] Continue reading →

Logical Riddle: The Candle Problem

Think out of the box and use your logical skills to solve this riddle. You are given three things A Candle A matchbox & A box of thumbtacks How would you fix and light a candle on a wall in such a way that the candle wax won’t drip onto the table below? If you […] Continue reading →

Who is the Killer? Any Detective Out There?

Put on your detective hats, and crack this murder mystery. In the picture you will see a crime scene in which a woman is murdered in the restroom of a restaurant. Can you look at the picture and find who the killer is? So were you able to solve the riddle? leave your answers in […] Continue reading →

Elephant vs Bird / Goose in Utah’s Hogle Zoo

A goose challenges the Elephant.. the Elephant fights back.. but what you will see is very crazy.. Anything is possible in the animal kingdom. A truly hilarious video which should be seen by all animal lovers. Elephant vs Bird / Goose in Utah’s Hogle Zoo If you like the video, do share it with your […] Continue reading →