What comes next in the sequence: 8, 6, 5, 4, 7, ?

Look at the numbers in the picture made by matchsticks and find the logic in the series. Find the value of the missing number. The numbers made by matchsticks in the image below are as follows; 8, 6, 5, 4, 7, ? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, […] Continue reading →

16 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Did you know that some companies have little hidden messages in their logos? Most of them you will have to look a little harder to see what you may have missed at first glance. In the video you will see 16 logos of popular brands with hidden messages in them. It makes you wonder how […] Continue reading →

Fun With Maths: How Many Kids Are In The Family?

Have fun with Maths by solving this riddle. A family, made up of 2 parents with children, has an average age of 20. If you exclude one parent, who is 40, the average age drops to 15. How many kids are in the family? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on […] Continue reading →

Logical Riddle: Which Is The Good Guy?

Crack this riddle by applying your logical skills. You meet 2 strangers. One of them is a good guy who always tells the truth and the other is the bad guy who always lies. You don’t know who is who. So to find out you ask the first guy, “Are you the one who always […] Continue reading →