Logical Riddle: Find Who the Thief is

Three people met at a corner of a street.

They all are dressed like cops, so they don’t know who the thief is.

The cops will always tell the truth and the thief will tell the truth too to make himself appear like a good cop.

If their names are Alex, Bruce and Calvin; and they say this:

Alex: “Calvin’s not the thief.”

Bruce: “One of you both is the thief!”

Calvin: “I’m not the thief.”

Using this information, find out who the thief is?

When you find the thief, share the riddle with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook to see if they can find him too.


As per the given information all 3 Alex, Bruce and Calvin are speaking the truth

As per Alex’s statement Calvin is not the thief.

As per Bruce’s statement either Alex or Calvin is a thief.

Calvin says he’s not the thief.

So fron the statements we know that Alex is the thief.


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