These Comeback Videos From Maggi Noodles Would Make You Miss it More

I guess every Indian must have tasted and enjoyed Maggi and some point of his life.

The Maggi ban actually depressed the entire nation.

I understand it was banned on health grounds and it should not be promoted but it has been an integral parts of our lifes. Maggi Noodles was our one and only saviour when we were hungry and needed a quick bite to eat. I just wish everything is fixed and the Maggi Noodles are back on the shelf.


The good news is that Maggi is going to be back soon, and while here are some emotional ads about their return.

New MAGGI Mother’s Day Video 2015 | Shankar Mahadevan | #MomKnowsBest

MAGGI New Video | #WeMissYouToo | PITA JI

MAGGI New Video | #WeMissYouToo | MOM

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