Logical Riddle: Which Room Do You Go Through to Escape Prison?

Think logically to get out of this prison. You are thrown into an old prison with no electricity, plumbing or power of any sort. You can only exit through three doors connecting to 3 different rooms. If you survive in the respective room, the next door leads you to freedom. In each room there is … Read more

If Out of 3, 2 Of The Sisters Are Twins, How Old Is The Third One?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. There are 3 sisters in a house. The product of their ages is equal to 175. If 2 of the sisters are twins, how old is the other one? If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking … Read more

Logical Riddle: How Did the Leader Catch the Thief

Put on your logical caps to solve this riddle. There was a tribal village that was managed by a powerful Leader. There was a theft in the village which had occurred recently, however no one knew who it was. After some investigation the police narrowed down on 8 suspects and brought them to the Leader. … Read more

Logical Riddle: I Don’t Like To Drink Coffee, But I Like Tea

Hone your logical skills with this riddle.View post I don’t like to drink coffee, but I like tea, I don’t to swim in lakes but I will swim in a sea, In food I don’t like carrot but like Pea, Which insect would I like? A. Fly B. Mosquito C. Bee D. Grasshoppers If you … Read more

Logical Riddle: What Number Do You Say So The Guard Lets You In?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. A Guard is stationed at a secret club. His new club is very exclusive so he came up with his own secretive code so members could access the building he is Guarding with no hassle. One member walks up and the Guard says, “10”. The man responds … Read more

Logical Riddle: How Do You Determine Which Bag Contains The Counterfeit Coins?

This is only for people with really good logical skills. There are 10 bags each with 100 gold coins in them. They all contain identical looking coins which weigh 1 gram each, except for one bag of counterfeit coins which weigh 1.1 grams each. You have an accurate scale but you are only allowed to … Read more

Logical Riddle: What is the Correct Password to enter the Secret Club?

Hone your logical thinking skills with this riddle. A spy wanted to get into a secret club for some information. But to enter you had to know there’s a secret password. He waits outside and spies on two members. When Member 1 knocks on the door, the guard knocks back 6 times and the member … Read more