WhatsApp Riddle: Guess 2015 World Cup Cricketers Names

Guess 2015 World Cup Cricketers Names from the hints given below; More Bananas Dress Maker West Indies Doctor Indian City Brother of Bulb Living in House Name of Tata Khatta Fruit Gun Office Servant Indian Cotton Mill Baby Soap Hollywood Brothers Weighing Machine See in Temple Bank Cashier So were you able to solve the … Read more

Identify The Indian Cricket Team Players From The Following Phrases

Identify the Indian Team Players from the following Phrases Adored Bunch Engraver Wished Grumpily Oral Harmonised Hand Hawkish Dharna Shanti Ashram Shaving Jury Unlike Lamb Unsavory Gulag Unshackled Train Vulgarian Asks Answer: 1. Chande Borde. 2. Virendra Sehawag. 3. Poly Umrigar. 4. Mahinder S Dhoni. 5. Shekhar Dhawan. 6. Ishant Sharma. 7. Yuvraj Singh. 8. … Read more