Dealing With Family Members on Facebook, Easy?

A funny video showing a conversation between a father and a daughter about Facebook. Everyone faces this issue of having parents and relatives on Facebook. This video focuses on that awkward conversation about your relatives wanting to be your ‘friends’. Enjoy this video by TheViralFever. TVF’s Tech Conversations With Dad : Facebook Created by: Arunabh … Read more

A Honest Look At India’s Favorite Festival “Diwali”

What would happen if people actually say what’s on their mind while celebrating festivals. AIB takes an honest and funny look at one of India’s favourite festivals. This video shows how most people actually feel while celebrating the festivals like Diwali in a funny way. AIB : Honest Diwali Produced by: NH7 and OML.   … Read more

Ever Tried to Explain What Twitter is to Your Parents?

The world of internet is changing and evolving at break neck speeds. Due to which at times it’s difficult to catch up with everything. For the older generation it is very difficult to cope up with the fast changing Internet world. Their children are their best source of knowledge. I am sure your parents or … Read more