Word Riddle: Find the Words Ending with ‘CATE’

This riddle will help you improve your word power. 

For each of the hints given below, find a word ending in ‘ cate ’

  1. Suspend a student.
  2. Cut the end of.
  3. Make unclear.
  4. Very detailed.
  5. Highly sensitive.
  6. Make a copy of.
  7. Renounce the throne.
  8. Make completely dry.
  9. Appease.
  10. Completely removed.
  11. Disentangle.
  12. Divide into two.
  13. Tame.
  14. Make involved in.
  15. Prove not guilty.
  16. Devote to.
  17. Convolute.
  18. Pope’s tenure.
  19. Official document.
  20. Instil.
  21. Set boundary.
  22. Discover position of.
  23. Leave position.
  24. Pleader.
  25. Impart knowledge.
  26. Treat with drug.
  27. Apportion.
  28. Concoct.
  29. Slip out of position.
  30. Make drunk.

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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One Reply to “Word Riddle: Find the Words Ending with ‘CATE’”

  1. Make completely dry is NOT dehydrate. Does not end in ‘cate’. Correct answer is dessicate.

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