How Good Are Your Eyes?? Are They Coming Or Going?

Received this picture riddle on WhatsApp this morning, found it interesting so sharing here.

in the picture you will see silhouette of a woman and a horse.

How good are your eyes?? Are they coming or going?


So were you able to solve the riddle? leave your answers in the comment section below.

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24 thoughts on “How Good Are Your Eyes?? Are They Coming Or Going?”

  1. The human is facing away from the camera. IIt’s visual perspective.

    The answer in how proportions change in perspective, depending on whether they are closer or further. If you look at the proportions of the hand/wrist versus the elbow, you see that the wrist is behind the elbow, indicating that the human is turned away from the camera.

  2. 1. If the horse is not deformed, then the fact the thick of second left leg appears bigger and especially longer than that of the leftmost leg suggests its going.

    2. Again looking at the horse, the ears on the left side should be lower than the one on the right side if they were coming

    3. Looking at the woman, the whites around the shoe on the left suggest she is also going.

    4. The fact she appears closer to us only means she is not pulling the horse

    5. If she is not pulling the horse, she doesn’t need to use are dominant hand whether right or left…

  3. If you consider this picture obviously was set up for the purpose of creating an illusion, then you can’t go by the rules of how you would normally walk a horse. It’s obvious to me by the shape and placement of the horses legs the horse is facing the camera and looking at the girls arm and the way her left (closest to horse) elbow is bent and hand/fingers vs thumb shows she’s facing away from the camera. I have a lot of experience in horses and their shapes and this silhouette can’t be justified as facing away in any form according to leg muscles and placement.

  4. Can someone just adjust the contrast of this picture I’m sure there’s something you can do to reveal the rest of the picture then we can solve this once and for all

  5. The girls hair bun and jawline show she is walking away and her toes are pointing forward so she is walking away or going. The way the horses tail is suggests he is coming and if you look at how he leg and hoof are moving he is coming.

  6. Is it the leg ear of the girl that can be seen? IF THAT’S AN Ear then it can only be the left one and they are coming. I consider there is no way to appreciate the right ear either they are going or coming. BUT, the left ear can only be perceived if comings and she is turning her head to the right.

  7. Looking at the horses legs, the horse is coming, but to me, based on the girls arms, she is facing the horse and lake with her back toward us. But in some photos it looks like you can see her ear and facial features but I can’t tell if thats the lighting changed on the photo, left grainy in those areas

  8. I never walk just with a horse on the left. I find that horses lead, mounted, dismounted on 1 side only tend to become 1 sided. I prefer them to understand that I can be on any side so I lead and work them on both sides.

  9. I’m sorry if you always walk a horse from the left then they are going as horse is on the left if they are coming horse is on the right!!


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