How Good Are Your Eyes?? Are They Coming Or Going?

Received this picture riddle on WhatsApp this morning, found it interesting so sharing here.

in the picture you will see silhouette of a woman and a horse.

How good are your eyes?? Are they coming or going?


So were you able to solve the riddle? leave your answers in the comment section below.

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5 thoughts on “How Good Are Your Eyes?? Are They Coming Or Going?

  1. Looking at the horses legs, the horse is coming, but to me, based on the girls arms, she is facing the horse and lake with her back toward us. But in some photos it looks like you can see her ear and facial features but I can’t tell if thats the lighting changed on the photo, left grainy in those areas

  2. They are coming

  3. I never walk just with a horse on the left. I find that horses lead, mounted, dismounted on 1 side only tend to become 1 sided. I prefer them to understand that I can be on any side so I lead and work them on both sides.

  4. Eve Kelman-Jones says:

    I’m sorry if you always walk a horse from the left then they are going as horse is on the left if they are coming horse is on the right!!

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