Fun Riddle: How Many Times Will It Chime In 10 Seconds?

Use your logical reasoning skills to solve this riddle.

A clock chimes 5 times in 4 seconds.

How many times will it chime in 10 seconds?

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1 thought on “Fun Riddle: How Many Times Will It Chime In 10 Seconds?”

  1. Possibly 11 times. If the initial chime happens at t=0, and each subsequent chime happens every second thereafter (t=1, t=2, t=3, t=4) until muted, then across a timespan of 10 seconds, the clock will chime 11 times.

    Of course, the chime trigger and pattern is not specified here. If the chime only works to signal the top of the hour with 5 chimes, for example, then waiting 6 more seconds might not yield more chimes — the clock might only chime 5 times. Likewise, the number of chimes may be a function of the time (e.g., the hour for 12-hour format), so more information of the clock’s chime characteristics is needed.


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