Picture Riddle: How Many 9’s in the Given Image

This riddle should keep you busy for sometime.

In the picture below, you will see there are lot of 8s.

Among this 8’s there are some 9’s, can you find them?

How many 9’s can you find in the image?

When you find all the 9’s share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Do you like these kind of riddles, where you are able to actually search things through the given image?

If no, do share your feedback and what kind of riddles or puzzles would you like to see.

1 thought on “Picture Riddle: How Many 9’s in the Given Image”

  1. I found nine ‘9’ digits in an 11 by 54 character array filled with ‘8’ digits.
    The list of row:column coordinates is { R2:C12, R3:C38, R6:C28, R7:C45, R8:C12, R8:C43, R9:C25, R10:C12, R11:C28 }.


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