Picture Riddles: Count The Number of Triangles in The Image

Test your observation and geometry skills with this fun picture riddle.

Look at the Image below and count the number of triangles in the picture.

How many did you get.

Send this to your friends on WhatsApp groups and lets see how many can they count.


I might have missed some triangles but I could count up to 64 triangles.

Leave your answers in the comment section.

2 Replies to “Picture Riddles: Count The Number of Triangles in The Image”

  1. I got 72.
    There are 9 lines, any combination of 3 gives a triangle so we have 9C3 = 84. But if these 3 lines are concurrent they will not form a triangle. For every vertices (A,B,C) there are 4 concurrent lines. So we must substract 3 x (4C3) = 12

    84 – 12 = 72

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