Mind Riddle Games: Find the Number of Fresh Apples in The Basket

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A basket contains 100 apples.

You are told the following things about the basket;

  • The apples can be either fresh or rotten.
  • There is at least one fresh apple in the basket.
  • If you are asked to pick two apples randomly from the basket, at least one of them will be rotten.

Can you calculate how many apples in that basket are fresh?


Since the riddle says that even when you pick up 2 apples randomly you are sure to get at least 1 rotten apple, we can conclude that only 1 apple is fresh in the basket.

If we had 2 fresh apples, we would have a probability of picking both fresh ones, so the statement would prove wrong.

Since the  other statement says that at least one fresh apple in the basket, we can safely say that only 1 apple is fresh in the basket and the remaining 99 are rotten.

Answer = 1 apple

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