WhatsApp Riddle: Measure 5 Gallon Water With of 4 & 7 Gallon Bucket

Always learn to use the available resources at the best. Here is a riddle that will train your thought to do so.

You need to build a structure in your garden.

For which you have to mix cement with water.

As per the instructions the given quantity of cement needs to be mixed with five gallons of water.

You have a garden hose giving you all the water you need.

The problem is that you only have a four gallon bucket and a seven gallon bucket and nether has graduation marks.

Find a method to measure five gallons.

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5 thoughts on “WhatsApp Riddle: Measure 5 Gallon Water With of 4 & 7 Gallon Bucket”

  1. Sorry there is one misprint in the Final step, when we mark the level of water in 4 lt bucket, we get 1 lt level (Not 4 lt level marking ) because 4-3=1.
    Rest remains the same.
    Thank you for you patience to read this.
    I hope this might help you.

  2. First fill the 4 lt bucket with water and then pour it in 7 lt bucket.
    Now 7-4=3 thus mark the point till where water is filled in 7 lt bucket because above that mark the water would be of 3 lt.
    Now fill the 7 lt bucket fully with water and make the 4 lt bucket empty.
    Then pour water from 7 lt bucket into 4 lt bucket such that we fill the 4 lt bucket with 3 lt water.
    We can fill the 4 lt bucket with 3 lt as we had measured the 3 lt amount in 7 lt bucket.
    Now final step – mark the level at which water is there in 4 lt bucket and by this we would get our 4 lt marking as 4-3=1.
    Now again fill the 4 lt bucket fully and empty the 7 lt bucket and pour water of 1 lt from 4 lt bucket into 7 lt bucket.
    After this again fill up the 4 lt bucket and now you would be having 4 lt water in 4 lt bucket and 1 lt water in 7 lt bucket…pour the 4 lt water from 4 lt bucket into 7 lt bucket which already has 1 lt water and thus you have 1+4=5 lt water… Congratulations


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