How Can Mary Read the Book Without Light

Have fun with this Brainteaser. Think out-of-the-box to solve this one.

On a dark night Martha and Mary were sitting together.

Martha was a watching movie and Mary was reading a mystery book.

Suddenly the power went out and Martha decided to go to bed, but strangely Mary kept on reading.

There was no artificial source of light around, then how could Mary continue reading?

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2 thoughts on “How Can Mary Read the Book Without Light”

  1. is that my reading English is wrong??
    martha was a watching movie… was a ,, mean . the movie name is martha…
    mary was reading book in movie…
    here mary was reading book.. .in that movie..
    martha is movie name.. mary is the person reading book in movie..
    they are sitting together
    after power went out ..
    martha decided to go to bed..
    mary was reading.. because the power gone was in real world.. not in movie.. the story continues…
    mary is reading ..


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