IPL Cricket Match Riddle: Win and Score Centuries

In an IPL Cricket match 3 runs were required in 2 balls to win with only one wicket in hand.

The batsman on strike is on 98 and the non-striker is on 97.

How can both batsman score centuries as well as win the match?

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3 thoughts on “IPL Cricket Match Riddle: Win and Score Centuries”

  1. 1st bataman played a shot and goes for 3runs but 1 run is short so he has got 2runs in his account and did not won the match as still 1run reqd to win as 1 run is short so now non striker is on strike and he will hit a boundary on 1 ball that is left. Which both has centuries done andalso won the match.

    • 1st batsman may had maid a hit and took 5 run and made a century… then the second non striker batsman who came to the striker end may had made a 4 or six to win the match and made his century.


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