Find the Age of The Mathematician’s Children

Read the riddle carefully and then use your logic to solve it.

Two mathematician friends meet after years and start chatting:

Tom: How old are your children?

Larry: There are three of them and the product of their ages is 36.

Tom: That is not enough…

Larry: The sum of their ages is exactly the number of beers we have drunk today.

Tom: That is still not enough.

Larry: OK, the last thing is that the oldest one wears a baseball cap.

Tom: Cool! I got it…

Can you find how old were each of Larry’s children?

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2 thoughts on “Find the Age of The Mathematician’s Children”

  1. There are 8 possible combinations for 36:

    In order to eliminate some of these possible combinations, some assumptions need to be made:

    1. The eldest child is at least one year older than the second eldest. This eliminates 1,6,6.

    2. The friends drink their beers at the same pace. This means that the number of beers drunk is even. This eliminates 1,2,18 and 1,6,6 and 2,2,9 and 2,3,6.

    3. The children are not yet adults. This eliminates 1,1,36.

    4. There are no twins and all children are born at least one year apart. ie. all the ages are different values. This eliminates 1,1,36 and 1,6,6 and 2,2,9 and 3,3,4.

    This leaves 1,3,12 or 1,4,9 based upon drinking 8 beers each or 7 beers each, with either the 9yo or 12yo wearing a baseball cap.


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