WhatsApp Riddle: Measure 4 Litre Water With 2 Jugs

Use your logical skills to solve this measurement riddle.

If you had a 5-liter jug and a 3-liter jug,

And an unlimited access to water,

How would you measure exactly 4 liters?

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1 thought on “WhatsApp Riddle: Measure 4 Litre Water With 2 Jugs”

  1. Take. 5 liter of water in the given jar.
    Pour it in 3liter in jar such as to measure full 3 liters, and empty the water in 3 liter jar.
    Now, the water remaining will be 2 liters
    Transfer this from 5ltr jar to 3 liters jar.
    Now take another 5 liers of water
    Fill the remaining 1liter of spacein 3 liter jar.
    Now, the water left in 5 liters jar is exactly 4liters.

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