Logical Riddle: Who Hacked The School Server

Logical thinking skills will help you solve this riddle.

In a boarding school, the server was hacked.

Five students Tim, Brad, Clark, Mary and Betty were the prime suspects.

The five of them were called in a room together and their statements were recorded.

Each of the student gave three statements.

Through certain methods the school officials derived the information that out of these three statements, only one was a lie and the rest two were the truths.

Following are the statements that were recorded for each of the 5 students.

Can you deduce who is the hacker reading and analyzing them?

1. I did not do it.
2. I have never hacked in my entire life.
3. Mary did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. The hack was done from within the network.
3. I do not like Betty.

1. I did not do it.
2. I have never seen Betty in my life.
3. Mary did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. Betty did it.
3. Tim was lying when he said I did it.

1. I did not do it.
2. Brad did it.
3. Clark and I used to be friends.

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