Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs The HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5 and The HTC One M8 are now official and are poised among the 2014 flagship devices to watch. One key similarity between the two devices is that they both take considerable inspiration from their predecessors, but notably in different ways. The Samsung Galaxy S5 maintains many specs formerly seen on the Galaxy

Cute and Fun Commercial: Dancing with my baby-me

Evian has a long history of incorporating creepy CGI babies in its ads, and an equally long history of viewers gobbling it up like it’s some variety of highly addictive crack cocaine. Improvising on the idea that Evian water makes your body feel youthful; the company first introduced us to its synchronized swimming “Water Babies”

Lok Sabha election 2014: What You Need to Know

As the World’s largest democracy goes into voting this April I thought of putting together a quick list of what you need to know to not just vote but vote responsibly. The Lok Sabha elections have started on Monday and India will vote to select its next government and a new Prime Minister. Below is

The Correct and Easier Way of Peeling and Eating a Banana

Have You Ever Eaten A Banana? You’ve probably have been eating It wrong All This Time! I was surprised to see how quick and easy this method of peeling a banana is. This is actually how Monkeys peel the banana. They are smarter with bananas i guess. Over 5 Million people have seen this video,

Whatsapp Word Riddle: A 11 Letter Word

Whatsapp groups are the best place to find good quality puzzles and riddles. You will always come across riddles and puzzles when you are a part of a good Whatsapp group. Here’s one such word puzzle which will make you think. It is a 11 letter word_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar Jokes

Ab ki baar Modi sarkar Congress hi lootegi kya harr baar? Abki baar Modi Sarkaar Random words that end with ‘AAR’ Abki baar Modi sarkar Chutney ke bina dhokla hai bekaar Abki baar Modi sarkar IRCTC ki booking ki lambi hai kataarAbki baar Modi sarkar Do you wanna know how I got these Scars Abki