Blood Moon aka Pink Moon Photos, Videos and More

Did you watch the total lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon? Judging from my Social Media feeds, a lot of people did! It was actually visible only in parts of Northern America. On average, lunar eclipses occur about twice a year, but not all of them are total. There are three types: A penumbral eclipse

Even the Kids Realize How Important Their Vote is

Our nation is full with people who want change but very few actually act for the change. There are a thousand voices that complain and point fingers at the politicians running our country. Looking at the voter turnout figures every year it seems that Indian citizens are taking their right to vote very lightly. A

Logical Riddle: Find the Defective Ball

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. You have 12 balls that look identical in shape, color etc. All of them have same weight except one ball which is defective. You don’t know whether the defective one is heavier or lighter than other balls. You can use a two sided balance system (not the

Funny Spelling Mistakes on Boards Across India Part 2

You would have come across spelling mistakes several times in your life. Some, you would have forgotten at once, some irritate you while some can just make you laugh. I generally don’t like making fun of others because of their spelling mistakes because it’s an age of SMS and Whatsapp where spellings do not matter

Logical Riddle: Find the Bag With Defective Coins

Use your logical reasoning skills to solve this riddle. How to find a Bag with defective Coins? We have 10 bags of 1 Rupee coins. One bag contains all the defective coins, the weight of each coin in that bag is 1 gram lesser than the weight of a normal 1 Rupee coin. You have