Mumbai a place to be or not to be?

When patience and helplessness turns into anguish and hatred…

Another event in the history of Mumbai….another surprises…shocks…tears…and another series of condemns! Are we getting used to this bullshit crap which keeps happening repeatedly?

The government just seems to take us for granted…and we like fools are letting them do so! The government came in action and Kasab attacked….we r still waiting for him to be punished and another attack! And then, its said that Mumbaikars are brave…the spirit of Mumbai never stops! Ridiculous! Are we supposed to act heartless and ignorant? Tell me about one good thing that’s happening….I referred to inflation in one of my last articles, so inflation is definitely an issue to worry about! Inflation in all senses which just pulls us down no matter how much ever we try to fight it! We are still at the same place where we were 5 years back…though age must have caught up on our body, but nothing else seems to have changed! We still live in the fear of not returning home someday, we still look suspiciously to every stranger who acts weird, we still fight for a seat or space in trains and buses, we still spend hours on road stuck in horrible traffic, we still change our buying patterns based on the prices of essential commodities, we still are waiting and accumulating wealth to someday buy our own home and we still keep falling sick because of pollution, global warming and changing climatic conditions.

Nothing has changed truly…and we aren’t doing anything to change it either…the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer…what about people like us? All that’s changing is the thinking pattern and plans of people. Here are a few examples of recent thoughts of a few friends and acquaintances with whom I shared my anguish and disappointment:

1. I was speaking to a friend on how the prices of vegetables are killing where ladyfingers is for Rs. 50/kg and I asked him that how does your wife manage? He replied “Its very simple, Bhavi…I ask her to cook only non-veg…that’s more reasonable and delicious too!”

2. I was discussing about real estate prices with a friend and he commented “ I started investing 5 years back thinking of accumulating for down payment of my house….I am still accumulating cos my investments did not even become double, but real estate prices became 5 times”

3. I know of couple friends who have dropped the idea of having kids because they feel that they would like to bring new life in a world full of poverty, corruption and pollution besides not being able to afford the kid’s expenses due to inflation.

4. I also wanna share my own example wherein I always thought that Mumbai was my city and would never think of shifting anywhere else…but now I am the first person to get outa here if I get an opportunity!


Thus, we all have changed our thoughts….but the city never seems to change…the circumstances never seem to change!