The Real Story of Rohan Rathore from IIT Guwahati (of Emptiness fame)

First the song and the Lyrics to the song Emptiness by Rohan Rathore for those who have not come across it on any social networking sites…It has been shared over 25 thousand times on Facebook over the last week and the different versions of this song have over a million views collectively on Youtube…

Lyrics of the Song \’emptiness\’ (tune mere jana kabhi nahi jana ishq mera dard mera) by Rohan Rathore..

Ho love of mine..

with a song and a whine..

You\’re harsh and divine..

like truths and a lie..

but the tale end is not here..


I\’ve nothing to fear..

for my love is yell of giving and hold on…

in the bright emptiness..

in a room full of it..

is the cruel mistress ho ho o…


I feel the sunrise..

that nest all hollowness..

for i have the way to go.. not come…

And i feel so lonely yea..


There\’s a better place from this emptiness..

And i\’m so lonely yea..

There\’s a better please from this emptiness.. yei yei yei ya….

Aa.. aa.. aa…..


Tune mere jaana..

Kabhi nahi jana..

Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye…

Tune mere jaana..

Kabhi nahi jana..

Ishq mera dard mera …

Aashiq teraaa..


Bheed mein khoya rehta hai..

Jaane jahaan a..

Puchho toh itna kehta hai..

And i feel so lonely yea..


There\’s a better place from this emptiness..

And i\’m so lonely yea..

There\’s a better please from this emptiness.. yei yei yei ya….


Now here\’s the Story behind this song…

One version of the story behind that song is

“A boy named Rohan Rathore student of IIT Gwahati loved a girl named Supria. After some days he fell sick and then he got to know he is suffering from Cancer. He told the girl and then the girl left him. He was so sad and he decided to record a song and to dedicate her. The Girl Felt too bad that she left him she attempted suicide and she also died.”


When checked with some IIT Guwahati students it was found out that the story is completely FALSE !

Yes, that’s true it is just a clever marketing gimmick by some people to promote the song.

The things they did;

1. They knew the song was good. But a song by unknown singer does not reach a wide audience easily. So they associated a story with it.

2. It is the school and college students who are the target audience for these kind of songs. So they made a story to target these people. And these people are also easily susceptible.

3. There are two prominent ways of viral marketing. Either make it a funny thing, or make it a Sad scandalous thing.

4. They used three strong keywords- LOVE, IIT-GUWAHATI and CANCER. ‘Love’ was enough to pull romantically influenced people. IIT-Guwahati is a prestigious college in India, so it again became an eye-catcher. ‘Cancer’ disabled the reasoning abilities of the target audience and aroused a feeling of pity in them. Game Over.

5. These people introduced the video with the perfect recipe for a great viral marketing campaign, but it isn’t quite easy to fool anyone across the internet, especially in the age of internet when you can just ask anyone through a chat.


IIT-Guwahati students say that nobody with that name ever existed with such a story. If this incident was real, it would have been in news all over the country. We would not have found about it through a video.

In my opinion the song is good…but the way of marketing was unethical…but they achieved what they wanted to …the song is a craze on the internet…So much for unethical ways of marketing…Do you think people will really mind now – after listening and liking the song so much – if it is not Rohan Rathore who sang the song…but someone else??


Tune Mere Jaana/Lonely/Emptiness Sung By Rohan Rathore or Gajender Verma? Here’s the Truth

Lyrics and Video of Phir Sunna Empitness by Gajendra Verma (the real Rohan Rathore)


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  1. When I listening emptiness song my tear flow out it reminisce my truth and first love who pasd away!

  2. When i listen this song it just remind my love nikki sethia i love her so much but she dont love me she always uused me.and then we finish this relationship but i still love her and always I’ll wait her.i love u so much.

  3. Jb v mai ye song sunta hu it just remind my love nikki sethia.i love her so much but in real usne mere love ko kavi nai but i still love her n always

  4. grt song …with ful of emtions & pain

  5. my bf also left me. my love is real………….
    emptiness song made me feel …………..
    i will wait for him still he come
    bye bye guys………………………………….

    • love realy hurts

      love me aisa aksar hota hai sneha..
      You don’t worry tumhe tumhara love mil jayega…wapas aayega wo ek din …..and agar wapas na aaye to samajh lena ki tumhara pyar galat tha…galat tha …tum samjha lena ki galat hai wo insan jisse tumne love kiya……..

      Mai v jhela hu ye sab….

  6. Molung Angdun says:

    i love your song…..when i hear your song i remember my love…..onshim HTML

  7. Molung Angdun says:

    i love your song…..when i hear your song i remember my love…..onshim

  8. Molung Angdun says:

    i love u…..

  9. Really soooo.. Gud song.
    Love u rohan :*

  10. it a heart touching songs

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  12. hey guyzzzzz!!! lstnd to dis wondrful song in the skul computr wid my best buddy zara….itz really verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy heart touching….i knw wat love nd itz pain feels lyk….i dnt really knw if the story behind dis song is true or not…but i just wanna believe dat itz true bcauz itz a wonderful nd sweet lovestory…<3 <3 <3
    love makes life live….
    nainaa nd zaara

  13. nice saong and truth story becoz any lover die for his love

  14. dis song z really heart touching….i lovd dis song heartly….kya aj kal koi kisko itna pyar karta hai…she z so lucky grl….i love u rohan rathor nd ur song……..u such a truly guy..i salute u…..

  15. I love dizz song vry much….its a hurt touchable song….
    mere sath v kuch aisaa hi huwa he……5 saal se ek ladki ko pyar kyaa…..fir ek din props kyaa,yes v bol dyaaa…..1 saal 2 mnth atche hi beet gayaa…..but usne mujhe dhokaaa dyaa….or kisi or k ho gayaa…
    usne mujhe kavi v nhi samjhaa……mera dard ko nhi samjhaa…..
    or aise hi wo mujhe chor k salaaa gayaa…..
    unse mai bht pyaar krtaa thaaaa……aaaaj v krtaa hu bht jyadaa……kartaaa rahungaaa…..
    my hurt is only 4 her…..she stoll my hurt…..only 3 daysss…..
    mujhe avi v yaad he jb usne mujhe props krte waqt mere baaho mai aaaaaa kr khaa thaaa”i love u 2……i m always ur…nd u r mine…………i love u realy…..””
    jb v uski yaad ataaa he ye song suntaaa hu…….bht pyaraa ganaa he… u rohan..
    2mne jo song gayaa he…wo mere dil ko sach mai choo jataa he………….
    avi v mujhe uski intejaar he….
    or krtaa rhungaaa ……

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  21. Prosanjit Singh says:

    I love this song….. Coz my g.f also left me bt i still luv hr n i’m waiting fo her luv…. I really feel it. Its same condition with me..;-(

  22. Really the song EMPTINESS is very heart toching and her story is very emotional….

  23. Really the song is so heart toching and the story of ROHAN RATHORE is very emotional….

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  25. Creating a fake story to promote a song is not appriciable. But cosidering the fact,that the same story made you,me,and thousands of others listen to this beautiful song, let us forgive the creater of the story,and enjoy the song…..

  26. Saksham Agarwal says:

    d song is fabb… , but if it’s not sung by ROHAN RATHORE then who sung it only a person having lots of pain could write like that ,find out guys , find d TRUE lover who sang it . @@@@ HATS OFF FOR D SINGER @@@@

  27. I like dis song from my heart. And i also loves from one girl withen a four year.but still now i can’t able to perposse her . Or usk siwa aj tak mani kishi aur ko caha bhi na. Or o bhi janti hai ki mai ushay love karta hu. Or mai ushay bolnay say is liya darta tha ku ki mujhay lagta tha ki kahi o gusha na ho jaya ya o nahi na kah de. Is liya mai usay bhulanay k liya ushay bahut dour ya gaya . Or jab bhi us ki yaad yatti hai too mai app ki ganay ko sunanay lagta hu. Us k baad sharay yaaday bhul jaa taa hu…….
    I love u rohan ,…..

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    i also feel the true sense of love even it is fake one.

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  55. hi guys,mujhe bhi pyaar hua tha ek esi ladki se jise mein 2nd class se janta hun aur 10th tak ate ate mujhe finly uusse pyr ho hi gya pr vo mujhe kutta smjhti thi,phir hum alg ho gye…….vo bahr chali gai aur mein bhi………phir 12th mein maine use fb per dekha (11/09/2012)……aur ek usko msg diya……..aap sabhi heran ho jaenge uske rply se ,vo tha “sry,i don rem u ?????”…is rply ne mujhe hila kr rkh diya,…… Mere 12 sal brbad ho gye uski yad main,meine kai dino tak na khaya, na soya aur aakhir mein meine use msg kiya “i 2 don rem u????,and no mr msg pls ,u stupid.” ab mein thoda theek ho rha hun aur abhi mein 12th board ki tyari kar rha hun

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  58. the song is really heart touching…. n I feel very empty when I in lonelyness….

  59. Yeh mera sab se pyara song kash mai rohan baiya se mil pata per mai unhe dil se is song ke liye thengs kehta hu aur supriya ko bhi.! My contact no 8103217888

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    IT izz really wonderful song must say………
    so touching…..
    love is really blindddd
    I shud say 1 thng tht we shud never hurt any 1 by this word love
    it is just owesme song…………..
    never leave person who love u so much………

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    Ek dam jakkas song 6 frendva

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    friends ignore whether it is a true or false story.

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  69. Buüût h0w c0uld THeY do this ?? To pr0m0te thE S0ng……BT whOEVEr WR0teTHis s0NG Iz 0uT OF WorlD…..IT’s reALLy aWES0ME…

  70. song vry gud. .touching my heart. .nw i feel vry bd coz he is no more nd i also mis u my dr. . Plz cming 2 u. . Plz nd sing a song ur voice nd distributed 2 all ever world. . K mis u bro. .

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    and i think story was not fake its true and heart touching……

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    every one listen it.please don’t try to avoid that song bcoz i can’t control to listen the song again &again………………….i listen that for so many times every day


  75. Heart touchng song coz same incident is happen with me i lost a gal when i was in 10th. N i miss her so much

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  81. even i do not understand the urdu or hindi lyrics behind this songs..when i heard this i really love this song sand continuously played and download and to make as my ring tone..some other nationality wander when they hear the urdu lyrics and asked me if i understand what it says…then i smiled and answered them NO!! i just love the melody (emo)ehehe…

  82. I realy very like and love this song because its some story like my love.., “AS I LIVE SO LONG I LOVE”

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  85. hi,it is true story i am sufr from cancer but i m nt sang this song that tune mere jana…….and supriya is live today also.she is happy with her other boyfrnd.rohan

  86. M shocked about the real story of rohan rathore or gajender but m still love dis song ,dis is my favourate song ,hats of to gajender …!!!….!!!!…..!!!!!

  87. this is a very nice song his song touch to the my heart.i cnt stop myself to listen to it

  88. What a story .!
    Real love…….!
    Woh pagal hai sale jo ise feke story kehte hai

  89. Ramsingh saini says:

    sab ache ke liye hota h becoz rohan suffering from cancer and he lived life for long time so bahvini ka pyar 1 trfa ho jata.agle janm god jarur melayaga i hope becoz he(god) want distribution of love everywhere.

  90. I love some one….but she never understand me…..

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    i guess the story is fake but would be happy if this was true…….

  93. felt really good on hearing dis song….i became fanatic….but i think dis was a filthy idea 2 promote d song…..still i love d song…………..

  94. sarfaraz azmi says:

    from so many days i was listening da song bt yesterday on 2.4.12 my frnd told me abt RR i found da story was false …
    wat ever bt the song touch my heart . itna dil ko cho jane wala song h yaar false hi way se bt hm logo tak aya toh . i loved dat song nd the story was maind blowing . bt story sacchi hoti toh kuch or hi bat hoti . so guyz live it .love it .nd feel it . tune mere janaaaa kabi nai jana.

  95. Rahul paul kujur says:

    Hrt touching song!_shfa__ss____?ne hame pyar me rula dia. kya huo jo kise or ke liye hame bhula dia ham to waise bhi akel the kiya hua jo apne phir ye eh saas dila diya ,jab tum nahi ho paas,kare bhi to kya kare,maine khoya woh jo meri thi hi nahi ,ye pal kabhi nai rukta kise ke liye har pal har mod tanha hai sirf mere liye, apne liye kiya kiya kiya maine har pal marta raha raha pyar “”””’paane ke liya” ” I love a girl but she found another boy ”””’

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  98. મને તો આ ગીત ગમયુ.પણ વાર્તા મા મજા ન આવી.

  99. Rahul paul kujur says:

    Hi,I m rahul I love A_h_a __ss___? but she does n’t love me so I want to dedicate this song for her it does n’t matter for me whether the story is fake or not but the songs emotion’s are real

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    the imeginetion of story
    is tremendeos

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    god……..the d songz awsxm man……………realy touching………… d way of marketing it iz sooo unxpectd n wrong………..guys……….if u had ever trustd upon ur ability on talent………………d name..ROHAN RATHORE…wudnt get such negativ opnions n coments of people………………….:(

  102. fabulous is not the word.loved every bit of it

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  104. From jawaher navodaya vidyalaya ‘s of all student like this song. Tune mere jana kavi nai jana Mob. No. 7209234754

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  106. i’m also in luv with someone

  107. i luv this song very much and i cant believe dat this story is fake. It touches my heart very hardly and i listen this song many times throughout the day and i feel so lonely and sad and its true that luv can do anything

  108. I think there is a false story behin it……..

  109. Hey guyzz it’s a true story.rohan was a true lover.He loved supriya very vry much.plz don’t make it fake,otherwise rohan’s soul can’t stay peacefully in d heaven.

  110. Thise is a very emotionaly attach to my heart, I feild very hurt when i listned thise song. I never feild before yet to thise song. I just love thise song, I never forget thise song ever & ever thise song. i would like to thanks song to author of thise song.

    I really pray to the god form the botam of my heart to give pacefull sold to the author.SHUBHAM (MAYA)………………..

  111. sangeeta swai says:

    i love this song .

  112. plz guys….dnt play comments on rohan rathore…..just njoy d song..

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    osum song………… amazing words……..
    heads off to you

  117. i can’t believe that this story is fake. forget it !!!!!!!
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  118. Ye bohot achi song hai rohan is song ko sunne kay baad jo log kise kay dil ki baat nai samajte wo samaj jaate honge ye song sunne kay baad mujhe bhi kise ki yaad aate hai wo larke hise mai apna dil maanta ho mere jaan hai wo ye song sunne kay baad mujhe us
    ke bht yaad aate hai:;:;:;:;:;:) rohon rathor ki taraha mai bhi aaj akela ho:;:;:;:;:dukh mai:;(

  119. hey i know the stoyy written over there is false but sill i want ti know the real story of rohan rathore u all dont mind so plz send it my my id at facebook otherwise the song is just superb and the feeling of rohan is out standing …………………….thanx

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  122. I nvr heard ths song bt wen my frnd told me abt its story
    i cnt stop myself to listen to it
    Guyz ths song is wndrful, fabulous story ignore whether it is true or false.
    Love is dn by heart nt mind.

  123. love is very beutiful my like song tune meri jana

  124. lalit makwana says:

    hamra b koi tha jisne kabhi hame nahi jana

  125. Anushka Dutta are u student of iit? Why are u saying Rohan Rathor is fake…this is real story…next time no comments…ok…

  126. IIT-G students nahi chahte hai ki koi unlogon ki institute ko badnaam kare so just for these reasons woh lok isse fake keh rahi hai datz my blieve nd i really lov diz song.

  127. I dn’t blieve that gajendra had sung this song he’s a fake guy.

  128. my love story is just same sa roht rathore

  129. Akshaya kuamr Rana says:

    I reqest to everybody Plz don’t ignore it.Becoz it is very much painful song.It may be true or false.Plz rate it.

  130. us bande ne seccha pyar kiya tha per us ladki ko ehsas nahi hua ehsas hona jaruri tha BUT LAST DESTNY

  131. nlesh nikalje says:

    i think love is god gift i relly like this song becase this song dediket true love

  132. Frnz i lvd a by to mch,we hd rlsn 2 n hlf yr. Dn h tld me dt h cnt mary me,bt v cn b in rlsn. In angr i brke up wd hm n gt in2 rlsn wd anthr by,bt nw v bth lve eachthr 2 mch n rgrt wt v hv dne.

    • this song is realy hurt touching………….i m nt in love vth anybody………bt i knew very wel tht wat is love ……..becoz one of my close frnd is stil sufering frm pain of love …….if u get love u r the hapiest prsn of world bt if u lose it thn ur life became lifeless even if ur hurt is broken u dont have any word or feling to expain ur pain to someone………..i losse my frnd jst becoz he want to live alone as he nw dont trust girl

  133. Kya bat he rohan rathore.i love this song .this is very lovely.when i hear this song.i feel so cry.i also love a girl .rohan i sallut you.

  134. this is the true song for true luv….

  135. great song but i think its som1 else work,so hats of 4 dat singer………….

  136. I am 13 years old this song is very very heartouching

  137. nhi pta ki ye fake ya true story h… lekin hrt touching song h… ldkiya shayad sbhi ldko ko ek jaisa smjhti h… main bhi kisi se bahut pyaar krta hu.. usse bhi pta h.. lekin aaj tk usse khul kr kuch keh nhi paaya

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  139. watever the story might be true or fake but love dis song a lot

  140. Whatever the story behind this I love this song very much……. Its not only abt Love but also abt True friendship…

  141. love is nothing but emoptiness…………….

  142. Bharatsharma says:

    I think “u’s ldki ko esha nhi krna chahiye tha,….,,kya hua bechare ne sucide kr li pyar to bahut bdi cheez eshe thukrana nhi chahiye ……..,.!

  143. realy rohan u r great……………..
    it dsnt matr wether dstory iz true or not bt emotion r true. or agr story true hai to bht km boyz hote hai jo k luv me loyal hote hai nd if d story iz true thn realy wo ldki bht lucky thi………..

  144. i m just speachless & no comments on him bcoz i have no words for saying anything…………at last ……..this song touches my heart…..

  145. very loveley song by rohan rathore

  146. Rahi masum raja says:

    i want 2 knw da trutg

  147. agar ladki ko pyar tha hi nahi to usme uski kya galti .agar aap kisi se pyar karte hai or samne wala nahi to usme uski koi galti nahi hai…………………………….

  148. Akshay Tahilani says:

    its a nice song!
    And it touches to all people’s heart:)

  149. I love dis song yaar!!! though wateva it is!!

  150. emptinesssssss

    love is nothing but emoptiness

  151. i like the rohan rathore i dont know this emptiness is reallity or false but still i know that love is live forever agar ma rohan rathore ki jagah hota mai bi yeh karta jo rohan bhaiya ne kiya wo zindigi pyaar i to karte tha koi gunnah to nai kiya tha unane ma to yeh kehna choanga agar mujhe apna pyaar nai mila to mai honga agla rohan rathore is duniya ko mai dikhaonga pyaaar kya cheez hai yeh duniya is pyaar nai samjhagi aaj to girls jab mann kiya to chood diya jab mann kiya to pakarh liya its not love my love is sanjana my best frnd is shazib ,pushpendra ,swati somya sahila they all my god frnds

  152. pyaar koi buri cheez nahi pyaar wo hota hai jo hum zindigi bhar tak nibhaya
    magar hum boys is pyaar ko hum mazak samjthe hai jo hum dhoka kha jhate listen boys of whole world pyaar humesha ek se i karo 1000 se nai jab hamara mann kiya to pakar liya jab mann kiya to chood diya tum log girls ki jagah apna aap ko rakh kar dehko tab tumhe pyaar ka ehassas hoga pyaar kya cheez hai just love true love mene pyaar kiya hai sachha kiya uska naam hai sanjana maine to kasam khai pyaar karna hai to sacha karna hai warna akele i reh jaana hai its true bharosa nai hai to mera no9450081316 bye best of luck

  153. the song is really heart touching. when i heard this song first time i cried so much. no matter whether the story behind the song is real or unreal but rohan u r my real super hero!!

  154. parikshit patil says:

    i love my gf so much……but she went from me………..i love her so much…………………………………………………. TUNE MERE JAANAA

  155. ye song duniya ka sabse good song hai………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  156. very emotional comg everyone mst listen this……….

  157. Røhäñ ýú r grèåt

  158. Best song..!!! This iz wat real love izzz….!!!! I m insane for this song..!!!

  159. the song is perfect is good

  160. i love d song,no mattr whethr d story z true or nt,bt it’s really heart touching…..and i feel so lonely yea,there’s bettr place frm dis emptyness :'(

  161. Shut up n njoy the music..!!

  162. such a nice song . kise ne such kaha hai bs yadey rahe jate hai

  163. no matter story z wrong or right bt it inspires all lovers to understand the misunderstandingss between them.. same 4 my situation…… so i really adore this song………..

  164. really its an authentic song…no matter what’s the story is…infact it make 2 realise those who commit mistakes by leaving their love behind some circumstances……

  165. awesome.. song nd rly hrt tchng 4 al those who had ever loved any1 in their life……

  166. Innocent krish says:

    awesome song and i like this song……. my fvrt song

  167. this story may
    false…bt d felings of this song is real and d each tme i hear this song i got something nw in this song.
    so, this is my al time fav song.
    Rohan Rathore cnt be fack…and nobody cn make him fake as he is d felings of every youngtr
    nd ya there is a better place then this……….emptines. lv u Rohan

  168. I’m in love since six years, and now his parents is searching gal for him….
    His mom and dad know tat we love each other , but still they are going ahead with there decision…

    Tune mere jaana..

    Kabhi nahi jana..

    Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye…:(

  169. plz for once listen dis song…

  170. I luv dis song ,it realy touches my hrt…if d stry behind dis song is true i just say plz god dont do dis again with anybody….



  173. Hi all lovers,

    I realy love dis song. It tuches my heart n dedicated to my love………….

  174. whatever the song is realy good

  175. the song is really heart touching

  176. i like this song i miss the rohan

  177. Pooja dear, i luv u so mch.. I cn’t live widout u dear..

  178. puja hazarika, assam says:

    hei guys mere sath v kuch aisa hua.he left me shwng sm family hpnd n i stil lv hm.stl pray 2 god 2 gv hm…jab v kisi couple ko ek sath dkhti hu to ro padti hu.bht dukh lagta hai jb v sochti hu ki wo ab humare nahi rahe…i rly lv hm vry mch.plz guyz pray 4 me dat i gt my lv bck…

  179. Why don’t you go to the Media and reveal the truth at National level.or some Music channel.

  180. i really love this song its touching our heart it really owsum

  181. That is gud story….em0tins feels…other wise we take to resarve our lov

  182. Mingma tamang says:

    I lob this Song:)

  183. its so gud…. dud i like it so mucz

  184. i truthly say Rohan… you will a good person.
    tum mar chuke ho parr abhi bhi tumhari tarah ke log jinda hain… aur wo tumhari yaadon ko marne nahi denge….

    mai bhhi shubha ko tumhari tarah hi chahta hu…
    par fark bus itna hai dost ki tumne apne pyaar k liye song likha hai aur maine aisa kuch bhi nhi kiya…

    lekin mujhe pata hai dost hum chahe unke liye kuch bhi kr le lekin wo hum ladko ko kabhi samajh nhi sakti…
    unhe sirf hamare andar wahi dikhta hai jo hamare andar nhi hota..
    unhe hamare dil me unke liye mohabbat dikhne me waqt lagta hai aur shaq karne me waqt nahi lagta hai…

    mai bus itna kahunga dost ki mai pyaar to bahut karta hu use par aaj ki har ladkiya froad hain… wo sirf cheat karti hain…. 9926509798

    • no this is not true,if u really love det girl then make her feel understand abt u…she will defenitely support u…….i knw….its true…..

  185. Love u all lover and i wish u are nver lonely.i pray kii ap sabkou apna pyar mila.l uuuu

  186. like this song.I love song(emptinee).

  187. rohan i love u yaar ,,,,, this is best song ever.. tune kabhi na jana ishq mera

  188. aditya gautam says:

    i love this song……….. this song touch my heart

  189. Hey itz true story. Wht the girl is not died it is dissementing. Supriya is in canada,vacourver atpresnt. I has been the clasmate of rohan rathore for 2 year. Whole ws knew the reltn wid rohan nd supriya. In the last days he promisd us. We wil nevr show his. If we show. Supriya wil on blcklist. And al wil tak bad abt supriya. And jo aur jo janana chahte muje pusho. Apne uske love ko ek fake story ka name de dia. U al r fake.

  190. Really ,Now I got the Truth,,,, but No doubt still i love this song and this heart touching story also……

  191. Female Version Is greate…

  192. I Love This…But i love Love Story… And i also Hate My Girlfriend… I hATE so Much….Girls.

  193. this song is sooooo heart touching……i love it like anything….makes me cry…….so heart broken hearing this story is fake!!!!!

  194. i hrd of dis song from my frnd i dont no that wthr d story is tru or not but i no that i luv dis song

  195. join this most remarkable page of emptiness “”

  196. what a heart beat song! jab v main is song ko sunta hu mera aakh var ati hain.rohan tumko manna padega yaar!

  197. i luv ths sngs

  198. I luv this song

  199. Prashant tandel says:

    That i feel so lonely yeah…….
    There’s a better place than this Emptiness…..
    And i’m so lonely yeah……
    There’s a better place than this Emptiness yeah…… Ya…..
    (pRaShAnT tAnDeL)

  200. Prashant tandel says:

    That i feel so lonely yeah…….
    There’s a better place than this Emptiness…..
    And i’m so lonely yeah……
    There’s a better place than this Emptiness yeah…… Ya…..

  201. It is a nice song
    btt why every time story is maid taking girls as wrong
    i m a girl n i know whats the importance of love in life……
    So next time make a better story for marketting………

  202. yups the story makes the emotions attached with the song even stronger, but even if the story is fake , it has spoken for countless other peoples who have loved someone more than anyone and anything but their love has not been reciprocated

  203. i wanna knw the truth behind dis emptiness…… plz get us knw d truth

  204. its nice.,.,

    it is very good touches heart deeply i like this song.After listen this song my eyes are wet.It touches my heart.It something related with my life.

    I Like This Song Very Much….

    Tune mere jaana..
    Kabhi nahi jana..
    Ishq mera dard mera..
    Tune mere jaana..
    Kabhi nahi jana..
    Ishq mera dard mera …

    Aashiq teraaa..
    Bheed mein khoya rehta hai..
    Jaane jahaan a..
    Puchho toh itna kehta hai..

    And i feel so lonely..
    There’s a better place from this emptiness..

    And i’m so lonely…..

    love u my love

    this girl is fraud, usko kam se kam rohan ko accept kar lena chahiye tha, my story is same with rohan…par me rohan ki tarah song nahi likh sakta…
    par me usko bahot chahta hu…
    cant forget love…

    ye ladkiya apne imotion ko kab samjengi, ladkiyo ko sirf imotional blakmel karna aata hai.

    Hey, hello i am sonu Kumar and I think this story is true.

    This song is Realy heart teaching

    and I Love this song and i will try this song in my next movie.

    I Hope Rohan Rathour’s spirit in the haven.

    tune meri jaana kabhi nahi was awesome.rohAN HEATSOFF TO U. SACCHA PYAAR THA.MERE SAATH BHI HUA THA.ANDi love that guy.thanks itne acche song ke liye.i also feel lonely without him.pata nahi kabhi milega bhi ya nahi.if anyone reads pls pray for me to get my love.ilove him so much.meri hi galti thi .anyways nice song.

    mere dil ne tere pyar ko samjha lekin usne tere pyar ko nahi samjha it’s a realy tuch this song mei janta hu ke saccha pyar milna kitna muskil hai or mei ek sacche pyar ki talsh mei hu.

    koun janta hai kiske sath kiya hua bt mere sath bahut bura hua mujhe bhi cancer hai aur main bhi ek larki se pyar karta hun main us larki se itna pyar karta hun ki jab bhi use yad karta hun to mera heart ka dard hi khatam ho jata hai bt im 2 lonely all of you must suggest me what can i do? Please suggest me.,,,,,,,,,,(‘.’) bye.

    • hi….. Sonu u know god loves u more then tht girl, so wht she lift u, but one day she will realise tht she makes a mistake tht she had lost a lovable person ,and don’t worry friend i love u from the bottom of my heart,b’coz u have the golden heart.. so don’t fell sad i’m with u, u have true heart…… so smile for me & make me smile……. 🙂

  205. Bhutanese younpster says:

    V reali luv dis song, its juz a wow! N afta listening dis song no 1 wil say da story is fake even if it is,i juz luv da singer

  206. Hey i dont really care about d story but he composed a great song. This is d way how any buddy can compete in dis industry. Now u r a hustler.

  207. i love dis song(oh luv of mine-tune mere jana) through my hrt. plz make more songs as dis song makes 2 come more to my love & also make me reliese abt his flngs 4 me. v love each other. i luv my bf (p…….)

  208. realy yar,,its great song..owsm

  209. realy yar,,its great song..owsm,,ur just rock,rohan!!!!!!!:)

  210. I Love this song…
    I Faced d same situation
    one thing i wanna mention:
    not nly they make us mentally disturb but also they spoil our carrer…”

  211. iit g is a great college. It gives one of the highest placements in the world. And the person loved that girl so much. After she knew that she did very wrong with that boy she commit suicide. “heart touching song” . Bollywood me ise hona chahiya. Crying crying crying

  212. Emptiness is a nice song n really touch my heart.

    such mei ye story mere dil ko chhugayi hai.

    meine jab ye song suna tab mei is song ko samjh nahi paya lekin jab iska female version suna to meri aankh bhar aayi or is story ne mere kadmo ko rok diya is story ne mujhe mere pyar ki yaad diladi.

    it is very good touches heart deeply i like this song.After listen this song my eyes are wet.It touches my heart.It something related with my life.

    Rohan mei aapki story ko salaam karta hu.

    mujhe bhi ek suchche pyar ki jarurat hai pata nahi kab mujhe ye din dekhne ko milega.

    magar darta hu ke kahi pehle ki tarha mera pyar mujhe dhoka na de kyuki mera dil ek bar toot chuka hai.

    mei ab ek ayise pyar ki talash mei hu jo meri life partner ban sake………

    I Realy heart feeling song…..

    Ek Comment sab ke liye deta hu…….

    Mirror is love so full life a heart…[email protected]……..

    Tum usye deko vo tumhe dekhega,
    Tum usye chaho vo tumhe chahega,
    Tum ussye baat karo vo tumse baat karega,
    lekin………[email protected]@@@@@@…………..
    Tum usye maro vo tumhe nahi marega.
    TOOOT jayega.

    Isyi tarha Dil hota hai…
    Jo TooT Jata hai…………

    mujhe pyar do………….. i really love is life….

  213. Lov lov lov it.. Dam dam damm good… Touched it badly

  214. Sanchit A. Mokal says:

    The heart touching song i have ever listen . . . . . . Really heart broken . . . . . .
    . . . . . . .fully broken

  215. its heart touching

  216. the song is good and the story is too good and heart touching

    really it is wonderful song…………………………….

  217. This song is really good and story but i don’t know what is true, it is very emotional song.

  218. I love this song & rohan rathore is real love man . . . . Tune mere jana my life joined this song . . . . . . . .

    plz make one more song like this

  220. but realy heart touching …….. :'(

  221. i like this song very much. 🙂

  222. but the song is too good

  223. the singer of this song is micky ananda he lived in mumbai

  224. This story is true…i live in guwahati,datz why i knw better about it,undoubtedly song is so soulful,but his pain makes it more touching to me:-)

  225. Rohan i would like to say something on ur love that….
    If we wil fail in our then we hav to remember that love is god nd those who believe in god,even though they die,will live..
    My contact is 8866146745

  226. Whtever nd whoever is the singer of this song ..this song’s matter touched my heart…my heart is also same as this singer..i lv this song nd also his heart…god bless u rohan..

  227. whenever i listen these song my girl friend face come in front of my eyes

  228. Pasang bhutia says:

    Am PASANG nd i lyke da song soooo much coz it suitz me….. NORSU Missin u sooo much nd stil luv u…

  229. Realy vry touchin songs…slute to rohan rathore who hs xprsd his felin by gvng us such b beautiful song…luv u rohan..

  230. I love dis song..plz navya cum bck..i cnt live widout u..odrwise me too cmmit sucide lyk dis crazy aashiq rohan rathore

  231. Sparsh arora says:

    i love dis song very much mu….aaaa

  232. song is really heart touching..but if the story which is mention about the couple is true then it is okkkk,.n if it is false then ye song ko publicity dilane k liye ye rasta thik nai hai

  233. GAJENDRA THAKUR says:


  234. hello myself nitish thapa i,m engeenering student. its a realy nice song.

  235. rohan u have make us proud like the best of 2011 let smoke some cigratee

  236. I like this song very very very very Much All time i m listning this song and miss someone who has not in my life really good song

  237. Kinjal Sheth says:

    I am feeling the same pain of getting ditched even though i love him truely by heart.I love this song bcoz even though the story was a rumour its wordings say feeling of my heart…….

  238. its songs really heart me…..After i am crying ……if he come back …?

  239. i jus love dat song and think as d song is for me coz i was also ditched so i feel a lot of pain everytime i listen the song………………

  240. it really heart touching song,dats become my favourate one…my frnd D.K.really like it tooo much………….

  241. Gautam shrma says:

    hi friendz,
    i m Gautam sharma from Forbesganj(Bihar)
    i dont know that ye stoy true ya false hai per,but ye mere heart ko kafi touch kiya hai,aur mai din bhar me kam se kam 40-50 baar is song ko sunta hu.Ye song mujh pe kuch jayda hi suit karta hai.I love you shivani forever bhale tum meri life me phir se aao ya na.I missing nd waiting 4 you.

  242. isfaqur choudhury says:

    If this stry is true, then it is very hurtful story. I love the song too much



  245. I love this song so much . And i will love this song foreverrr… I think this storry is right

  246. i love this so much.whatever the story of this song is!but the song will be fovourite of me

  247. emptiness is good song but
    yar iski marketing aisa karna ki koi jarurat nahi thi

  248. mera fav song pure din me ise 20-25 sun leta
    Its my fav song

  249. hey….. m a shool child i like the song very much its a fake story its hurt me 2 much but still i like song very very very much bcoz its my one of my best song

  250. Yeah its a very heart touching song and yes ti seemed a bit fake whn u knw tht an IIT student has sung this song.Like if he had such a good voice y would he nt go for singing.But all over very cool song and 5 stars to it !!!! Thnks for giving us the real story…

  251. NIL!!!!!!!!! says:

    the song of rohan realy nice…
    i pray that the next version of these song by rohan will be come to the mrket ….i wait……9586525221

  252. I don’t know that this story are real or fake. but this story are the are touched my heart and this song are awesome.

  253. Ankush sehgal says:

    the song was awesome and direct touches my heart,whatever the story behind that fake or real the main thing is that how much ur feelings attached with the song…i m really very inspired by this song…
    but if anybody want to do sucide for their love then plz think about ur parents before doing that…leave the stupied sucide wake up n search ur new lover…life is only single…ENJOY IT…

  254. amit nirmal says:

    hi amit nirmal here
    Hu cares.. what the research says… All i know is.. No one can write a song like this without a reason. Thr shud b a inspiration behind this song. And a very painfull one.. Jesus christ.. This song is so filled with emotions.. And it makes me hard to blv whatever bullshit is written Above. Thr is a Story were a heart got broken into pieces,And this is the reason why this song so real. Dont you think guys?

  255. I don’t know that,
    this story is true or false.
    But song is really heart touching.
    By the way who has compose ‘maine mere jana’?
    Pls tell me @ [email protected] or my mob. No.- +919720299934

  256. rohan rawat says:

    nobody beleaves me that this was a fake story but

  257. May it b fake story but still it has touched everybody’s heart n dis Song is a heart killing song gud bless d person who sang dis song gud luck……:)……:)……:).

  258. Hi guys i m gauri
    I think all these story behind the song is fake. Bt the song is awesome. If they publish this song without making this story then also people love this song. Bt whatever story behind it there is no matter what it is because the song is superb…. And thanks for giving us this information.

  259. When i listen the song first time i am crying it is a very nice sad song and deserve to all lover that have lose in love

  260. tremendous song ……..
    lv u rohan

  261. rahul rathore says:

    remedy nice moment listen this song, i like it.

  262. I dnt knw whtr d stry of tune mere jna s true or false wt i only knw s dt ds sng tchd my hrt n pry 2 gd dt ds stry wd nt b true
    oh gd nvr lt ds hppn 2 any1 it rly hrts

  263. I dnt knw wthr ds sng tune mere jna s fake or true bt i only knw dat ds sng tchd my heart n i hope dat ds stry wd nt b a true one
    n gd dnt lt ds hppn 2 any1 in ds wrld

  264. this song is very nice.when hear this I really fall in love with some one. U r great rohan. God bless u

  265. Kailash lama says:

    Jst rly luv dis sng damn care d rumors

  266. a very lovely & heart touching song .

  267. i realy lyk dis song bt i hate that bloody person who makes dis fake story only for marketing and played with our feellings

  268. i luv dis song very much n wenever i listen to it,,,,i feel cry:(((((((((((((

  269. Rajinder kaith says:

    yahhhh really…..

  270. Rajinder kaith says:

    it’s really hearth touching song. i love it too…… no body can fell mean of this song who never fall in love…. it’s reallyyyyyy… 2 gud….

  271. Cant say the story is true or false but this reflects the thinking of girls about love…girls just can play with love n kills boys by their emotional attitude…

  272. shahbaz ahmad says:

    what a heart touching story and song it is
    why there is no picture of rohan rathore

  273. I just loved this song whatever anyone comment

  274. Its a awsm song ! Bt d way to advrtse dis sng was totally wrng…it jst lyk playin wid d feelngs of youngstr.

  275. watevr b d critism d real tym fact is der do exist TRUE love wich accounts feelings producd thrgh dis song…. dizzz days hardly v find some wat lyk rohan nd supriya….$$ . . ” emptiness evokes situatn paralel 2 sacrife “

  276. I & my all freind loved this song & the female version song also.this song touched our heart

  277. VIKRANT SHAH...(ek shaqs) says:


  278. maithili jain says:

    i love this song………….its a heart touchin story…………..
    it touches my heart…………..

  279. Abhijeet More says:

    Hay Gajendra Nice song , the way of marketing is wrong but the song is A1 class
    Thanks for making this Song.
    I think this song Like Everybody
    Now i feel that I have a girlfriend

  280. Guyz thank ya I didn’t knew that its a fake story…thank ya guyz thank ya…!!!


  282. yaar what a song i love it……… god dont do this to any one……..

  283. Tapan Kr. Das says:

    This is very nice song. Only true lovers feel this song, what he fell at the of singing this song. Realy it is a very sadful song….

  284. brilliantly sung song

  285. this song was sang by me…so thanks to every one n for loving it…story was lit bit fake bt related to sm 1…ohhh..

  286. Its a song full f em0tion of lv, pls frnds if u lv any 1 lv lik ths, 🙁
    i love u ____

  287. Gr8 song bt ths felt bad tht sumbdy use fake name with fake story

  288. lalit kumar says:

    i dnt knw this story is real or not.. Bt meri story isse bahut milti h.. Nd i love this song..

  289. junied khan says:

    This is a awsm song i dont know story is fake or somthng but whoever sung it he sung it very well i like it

  290. I always cry when i listen to this song……:-(……i can only say one word about rohan and the girl i.e (shit )…..

  291. my girlfriend like this song too much…………

  292. My luv story also somehow lyk yours but my girl left cuz she mak another boyfrn n mak me alone here…but i luv her truly .my evry heart beat is her …kari kari kari karishma…….i luv u …
    Ua song mak me feel ua luv waz also true lyk mine ….thnx rohan thanx…;-(

  293. I called my love as jaana & i love this song alot and at alot and alot

  294. this song makes me cry i feel soo good when i listen this song i love it.

  295. heart touching dude…..
    1 of da bst sng……..!!!!

  296. Hey dude i help u out.. nw ll b sprdng dis fake story.

  297. it’s all about nothing else but a foolish melodrama of an unknown n unpopular singer…..but its not so a perfect recipe bt so a mean act of great fool dat those relavent vt da composition of da nice heart touching no. based on made over fake stories jst to create public popularity vt their clever marketting mimmick……it’s nt so easy to bful anyone in internet…..

  298. Dushyant Tanwar says:

    Whhhhyyyyyy !!!!!
    Tune mere jana kyo nhi jana……
    Ishk mera dard mera…..

    What musical silent song….
    Mind blowing…..

  299. I like rohan rathore but his girlfriend is selfish.i have many friend krunal-pooja,aniket-sweety,rakesh-monika,kamlesh-choti,ruchi-aniket.all perfect couple

  300. I like this song dedicated to my angel mona.i have many friend krunal-pooja,aniket-sweety,rakesh-monika,kamlesh-choti,ruchi-aniket.all perfect couple

  301. its a superb song $ astore of emotions

  302. I like this song and deticated to my angel mona

  303. “Emptiness” was
    sung by Gajender verma and he is original singer of
    the song. It was
    written by Aseem
    Ahmed Abbasee and
    Gajendra’s friend
    Monami Roy

  304. Thats a amazing song, i love this song so much and this is my one of the feverite song ever n ever. Thans rohan and thanks lyrics writer thank u

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  306. When… I lıstnıng emptyness, then i feel vry bad. That is true lov story song….i lik smart boy rohit my. Co. 8888077+143

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