The 7th Annual Golden Kela Awards

The Golden Kela Awards, like Hollywood’s Golden Raspberry Awards, are a satirical take on Bollywood that award the worst performances in Hindi cinema each year. Created by Random Magazine, winners are selected each year by an online poll and receive an award in the shape of a golden banana (kela in Hindi). The first award … Read more

Women vs Engineering college

It is surprising to know that many colleges in India are taking the country backwards with their regressive thinking. Did you know that some Indian colleges have pathetic rules for women? You must have heard of no jeans or no mobile phones rules, but there are even more horrible rules in some colleges. Here a … Read more

The Ghanta Awards 2015

The award season is here and it’s time for the classiest and most prestigious awards… The Ghanta Awards (sometimes abbreviated as The Ghanta) is an award presented in recognition of the worst in film in Bollywood. Founded by Prashant Rajkhowa and Karan Anshuman in 2010, the annual Ghanta Awards ceremony in Mumbai takes place about … Read more