Fin: Wearable Ring Makes your Palm as a Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface

We\’ve become so used to technology that it takes something truly remarkable to make us notice. Fin is a technological revolution that would surprise you. It\’s a tiny ring you can wear on your thumb and control pretty much every smart device you own including your phone, music player, camera and gaming systems. This really […]

Funny Spelling Mistakes on Boards Across India Part 2

You would have come across spelling mistakes several times in your life. Some, you would have forgotten at once, some irritate you while some can just make you laugh. I generally don’t like making fun of others because of their spelling mistakes because it’s an age of SMS and Whatsapp where spellings do not matter […]

Find the Bag With Defective Coins

How to find a Bag with defective Coins? We have 10 bags of 1 Rupee coins. One bag contains all the defective coins, the weight of each coin in that bag is 1 gram lesser than the weight of a normal 1 Rupee coin. You have a spring balance, which tells the exact weight. After […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs The HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5 and The HTC One M8 are now official and are poised among the 2014 flagship devices to watch. One key similarity between the two devices is that they both take considerable inspiration from their predecessors, but notably in different ways. The Samsung Galaxy S5 maintains many specs formerly seen on the Galaxy […]

The Best Way to Live Life: We Should Read This Once Every Week

Regina Brett 45 lessons life taught me

I loved this forward and I think this is something that we should all read at least once a week!!!!! Make sure you read to the end!!!!!! \”7%\” 45 lessons life taught me, Written by Regina Brett, when she was 45 years old, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. \”To celebrate growing older, I once […]

Cute and Fun Commercial: Dancing with my baby-me

Evian has a long history of incorporating creepy CGI babies in its ads, and an equally long history of viewers gobbling it up like it\’s some variety of highly addictive crack cocaine. Improvising on the idea that Evian water makes your body feel youthful; the company first introduced us to its synchronized swimming \”Water Babies\” […]

Lok Sabha election 2014: What You Need to Know

As the World\’s largest democracy goes into voting this April I thought of putting together a quick list of what you need to know to not just vote but vote responsibly. The Lok Sabha elections have started on Monday and India will vote to select its next government and a new Prime Minister. Below is […]