Turn a soda bottle into a bracelet

Don\’t throw away your empty bottles! You can turn them into absolutely adorable bracelets in just minutes using things you have in your house!

Gorgeous garnish anyone can make

Your dish will look like a gourmet meal when you decorate it with this fun cucumber garnish. I never knew food styling could be so easy!

Man who doesn\’t skateboard learns to kickflip in hours

Mike Boyd wanted to see how long it would take to learn a particular skill with deliberate. He chose skateboarding and set the milestone at a kick flip. He then recorded every second of learning and made this incredible video. It only took him 5 hours and 47 minutes to land one! Check out \’mikeboydphoto\’, […]

Halloween makeup tutorial: Mysterious cat

Makeup artist Anastasia Vanelli has a fantastic Halloween idea that is fun and simple to pull off. Learn how to transform into a scary and mysterious cat in this excellent makeup tutorial. Actual black cat not included! Halloween makeup tutorial: Mysterious cat

How to make Halloween Pumpkin Pretzels

Get into the Halloween spirit with this easy and fun way to create pumpkin pretzels. All you need is white chocolate, pretzels, and green M&M\’s! Enjoy! How to make Halloween pumpkin pretzels

\’Vampire\’ Halloween make up tutorial

If you\’re looking for a last minute costume idea, this make up tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to create a spooky Halloween look. Check it out! Make Up Artist: Stacie Vanelli. \’Vampire\’ Halloween make up tutorial

How to make bloody wounds for Halloween

Bogo Video brings us this simple tutorial just in time for Halloween! Learn how to make fake cuts in this very simple step-by-step process. How to make bloody wounds for Halloween