Heart Touching Video: A Son Surprises His Parents on Christmas

A very touching video…must see for everyone. A Son gave a Surprise to his Parents by Paying off their Home Loan in Full… They did everything for Him and when the Time came for him to Give Back He Didn’t Turn his Back… A Proud Son… Must Watch their Priceless Reaction… Share to Inspire… A

A Video Of Ants Circling A Ringing iPhone Goes Viral

This Budweiser Ad has conveyed a very nice message. Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Check out this home video from YouTube. An iPhone was placed in the center of approximately 300 ants. The ants are first casually strolling around an iPhone. Suddenly, the phone starts

Man Feeds Wild Bear Through Window In Siberia

What would you do if you see a wild bear at your window? An oil worker in Kolyma, a region located in the Russian Far East, captured footage showing the moment when a curious bear came right up to his workstation window! How close would you get to it? I guess he is even trying

#HappyBirthdayYouTube The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years

#HappyBirthdayYouTube Ten years ago in May, YouTube launched in beta. From the silly to the profound, from the personal to the political, YouTube wanted to celebrate a decade of contributors creativity and self-expression. With over 75 references and 18 filmmaking styles, they have tried to capture some of the richness and variety of YouTube from

The Top 10 Best Lightning Strikes By Pecos Hank

From spider lightning to bolts shooting out of tornadoes. Here are my best lightning strikes caught on camera over the last 20 years. More info and facts: #10 Was caught in 2014 on a Kansas interstate. In slo-mo you can see the distant discharge triggering the closer strike. #9 was bagged under a tornadic supercell

Learn How to Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

What would you do if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere? No microwave, no TV, no phone charger. But things get a lot more dangerous when you are stuck in the wild without a fire. If only you knew some basic survival skills. Well you’re in luck. This video will teach you one