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My name is Bhavini Thakkar Bangera. Thakkar is my maiden surname and I like to stick to it since I love it and many of my friends still know me as Bhavini Thakkar. Bangera is the surname I received after marriage with Puneet Bangera. I am 29 years old and stay in Mumbai with my hubby and my 4 year old pet, Simba. I work in a Financial Services company as a Brand Manager. In my spare time, I do a lot of activities like cooking, watching movies, listening to music, etc. I have always liked writing and that’s because I love expressing myself through words, being a Brand Manager my job also involves all kinds of writing and last but not the least…since I am a Leo and that’s a typical characteristic of a Leon!

Isn’t my writing instinct evident from one more fact…the amount of writing I have done above!

I hope you all enjoy what I write and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome! 😀

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  1. Hi..Bhavini ..nice site.This has become my favorite site for all sorts of quiz questions which I then share with a whatsapp quiz group I am a member of…:-).
    Keep the questions coming !Txs!

  2. money has different name!!! In Church its called – offering, in school – fees, in divorce – alimony, when u pay govt – tax, in court – fees, boss to workers – salary, children – maintenance, when u offer after service – tips, to kidnaper – ramson, illegal received in name of service – bribe, The question is ” when a husband gives to his wife what do we call it ??_________________

  3. nice website always following ur riddles & puzzles,stuck on one.can u give me one ans to
    1-name of sweet
    2-name of medicine
    3-name of film
    4-name of girl
    if possible in hindi pls

    1. I guess Honey suits best but if it’s a hindi puzzle answer should be Barfi…will soon publish a blog with proper explanations to the answers…so stay tuned 🙂

  4. i listen this song many times but i dont know that what is the truth after this song . then my friend tell me that
    this is the very painful story, i searched it on internet and i saw this website and read this story and also watch the full website .

  5. nice website..
    found it realy interestng…
    kudos 4 da gud wrk..
    cry it on..
    by da way i m also leo..
    nd i m nt fond of writing..
    hehehe 😛 =D


  7. Every painful stories have sucessful endings bt every sucessful stories have painful stories. I was also suffering 4rm true luv whom i realy do bt she leave me due 2 wht coz i didn’t knw bt i realy luv her whn true luv happen person who sufer he/she knws wht hapen when some1 left some1 widout any coz or in simple coz

  8. it is gud to see u n may god bless to u n yr family to be a happy and spend a happy married life along with yr hubby and yr baby. By the way have u ever love someone or loved by someone 2 whom u miss

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