Can You Buy Happiness: A Social Experiment

A social experiment which actually helps.

Can you buy happiness is a question that has different answers from different people. Some would say you need to know where to shop to buy happiness and some would say you can never buy happiness.

After seeing this video I would like you to re-think the answer for the question.


The maker of the video has the following note below the video;

If this video gets 1 million views before Diwali October 23rd, We will go back and Give all our Earnings of Rs 50000 which we will earn through Ads which comes before the video starts to 50 Needy People on Diwali and will upload that video here. The Happiness and Livelihood of 50 Families depends on your ONE CLICK, SHARE FOR CAUSE and Become A Part of their Happiness and Blessings this Diwali. Rs 1000 can help kick start A Livelihood for needy person, Lets show the World We all can Stand together for a Cause, Share.
This is how Rs 1000 is big thing for them, All the people we are helping have inventory of less than Rs 200 and some are just giving water for tips as you can see in video, with Rs 1000 they can add and get better Inventory with which they can sell and make more money for their livelihood and live a better life, All these people are Fighters who refuse to give up !, Please share to be a part of their blessings.

God Sent Me For You – Giving Rs 1000 Notes to Needy – [Share For Cause]