HUVr Boards: Straight from The Movie Back to the Future II

HUVr Tech is a tech company which claims to have developed technology that has allowed for the invention of the HUVr Board, which has presumably been patterned after the Hoverboards in the hugely popular Back to the Future film trilogy. On March 2, 2014, two promotional videos were released from HUVr’s YouTube channel which include demonstrations of the board by notable celebrities such as Tony Hawk and Moby which quickly gained viral status.


The company’s hoverboard that they supposedly invented was later revealed to be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the comedy video website Funny or Die. Much of the special effects used to give the illusion of a board actually hovering above ground was achieved using Adobe After Effects CC, a popular visual effects and composting application developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Michael Kitterman, a freelance motion graphics editor from Antioch, California, provided much of the final video editing, and served as lead consultant during filming to Turner Entertainment Digital Network who produced the promotional videos.


If you still don’t believe that its fake here’s what Funny or die released as their statement.
“Funny Or Die recently teamed up with a group of celebrities for an elaborate prank to convince the world hoverboards were real and that a company called HUVr Tech had invented them. Sadly, we were lying. The great promise of Back to the Future II has not been fulfilled … yet. And for that, we truly are sorry.”