The Great Indian Jugaad

Everyone of us have grew up hearing the word jugaad, a frequently used word in India to explain any straightforward, often dangerous, device built on the fly to resolve a pressing problem to make do in the deficiency of a better, more graceful solution. Jugaad is how the mechanics in India supervise to stay very old and out-of-date machines running with bluntly made parts, long after the modern manufacturers have discontinue making them.

Ever heard of “Maximum utilization of all available resources?”; thats Jugaad.

Here are some of the Jugaads that you might like.

Indian-Jugaad10 This is how you cook rice when you dont have any source to heat it… Indian-Jugaad01 No place to sit in the trains?? Indian-Jugaad02 The most innovative jugaad 😛 Indian-Jugaad03 What do you do when there are no mirrors in the house??? Indian-Jugaad04 Broken but can still show you time… Indian-Jugaad05 Chai TIme 😉 Indian-Jugaad06 Good way to re-use your jeans! Indian-Jugaad07 Get a sound sleep while you travel Indian-Jugaad08 Hot water any one? Indian-Jugaad09 Mosquito issues?? Indian-Jugaad11 Want to listen to music while you cook, without disturbing others…Here’s what you do Indian-Jugaad12 What do you do when you can afford only one of these 1) A refrigerator or an 2) AC Indian-Jugaad13 Laptop Battery needs a recharge? Indian-Jugaad14 No money to buy tires..Here’s what you can do with a couple of old shoes Indian-Jugaad15 It’s Raining but you still have to go out on a two wheeler…A good way to keep yourself dry…but please don’t try this 😛 Indian-Jugaad16 Dish Antennae is expensive, right??