An Amazing Project That Should Be Carried Out in Every City

The Smiles Project is a community initiative dedicated to doing random acts of kindness to spread smiles. Over two days, the Smiles team traveled across Delhi, doing extremely ordinary things we otherwise wouldn”‘t.

It is so easy to smile and so easy to make others smile. This video is the proof for the same. Random acts of kindness can get a smile on so many faces.

This is an amazing project which I think should be carried out in every part of the world.

The Smiles Project | Happiest Video on the Internet Today

The Smiles Team:

Jahanara Rabia Raza | For making US smile
Onaiza Drabu | For being the ringmaster
Palak Malik | For getting out of bed
Prachi Jha | For making the calendar no-one checked
Rahat Kulshreshtha | For finally finishing the edit

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