Monster Audi R8 With 1,600HP Vs 1,800HP Lamborghini In King Of The Street

In the following video you will see an incredible 1,600HP Audi R8 takes down few 1,800HP Lambos and 1,400 HP Nissan GT-R.

The cars involved here are

  • 1,800 HP UGR Lamborghini Gallardo,
  • 1,400 HP Nissan GT-R,
  • 1,800 HP UGR Lambo,
  • 1,800 HP UGR Superleggera
  • and another 1,800 HP UGR Superleggera.

This HP Audi R8 was tuned by Underground Racing, it was fitted with a 1,800 capable URG 2R package and E-Gear automatic transmission. From 60 to 198 mph in ~ 1500 – 700 feet, this R8 by Underground Racing is a real monster!!!


Many people seem to think the owner was lying about 1,600 HP and could have been running a lot more. Horse power sells cars but torque wins the race and his gear ratios and high levels of torque could have easily been better suited for this style of race.

The car pick-up 60-198 mph in approximately 1500-1700 feet !!!!