IIT Question: Find the Colour of the 9 Hats

The mystery of Hat Colour

Nine IITians were sitting in a classroom. Their prof wanted to test them. One day he told all of his 9 students that he has 9 hats, colored either in red or black. He also added that he has at least one hat with red color and the no. of black hats is greater than the no. of red hats. He keeps those hats on their heads and ask them tell me how many red and black hats I have? Obviously students can not talk to each other or no written communication, or looking into each other eyes; no such stupid options.

Prof goes out and comes back after 20 minutes but nobody was able to answer the question. So he gave them 10 more minuets but the result was the same. So he decides to give them final 5 minutes. When he comes everybody was able to answer him correctly.

So what is the answer? and why?

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