Fin: Wearable Ring Makes your Palm as a Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface

We’ve become so used to technology that it takes something truly remarkable to make us notice. Fin is a technological revolution that would surprise you. It’s a tiny ring you can wear on your thumb and control pretty much every smart device you own including your phone, music player, camera and gaming systems. This really is the closest thing to the technology you see on Ironman or any other Hollywood flick.

Fin is a tiny hardware product that you can wear on the thumb of your hand as a ring and it will make your whole palm as a Gesture interface.


For instance, a person driving a car can use Fin as their key, or take phone calls or control the music player without taking their hands off the steering wheel; a smartphone user can rub their index finger against the thumb to zoom their screens in and out and they can assign numbers to different sections of their fingers, turn their hand into a numeric keypad and tap in a phone number without even touching the phone.

And, lastly, let’s take pride in the fact that this invention belongs to none other than a young 23 year old Indian by the name of Rohildev N hailing from Kerala.

Fin : Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface.