Even the Kids Realize How Important Their Vote is

Our nation is full with people who want change but very few actually act for the change. There are a thousand voices that complain and point fingers at the politicians running our country. Looking at the voter turnout figures every year it seems that Indian citizens are taking their right to vote very lightly. A common reason you would hear is “one vote won’t make a difference”.

Here’s a video by EmotionFulls that shows how important voting is.

This election, value your vote. It counts. Vote for change. Vote for a better tomorrow.


EmotionalFulls Team:

Sandeep Jha, Sameer Mishra, Gaganjeet Singh, Harshad, Snehil Gautam, Surya Kant Tiwari & Rohit Chotai

Cast: Yash, Roshan and Hrithik

DOP: Pratham

Music: Atul Prabhu

Voice Over: Prashant Raj

Murga Punishment – Elections Special || EmotionalFulls