Some Dogs Always Stay Puppies at Heart

Large dog pet owners or parents would have a tough time when it comes to making their pets realize that they are huge. Some dogs always stay puppies in their heads, they refuse to accept their size. In many cases they would jump or hog on beds like puppies.

The pet parents are often crushed under the immense weight of their pets. Large breed dogs need to be reminded about their weight and body size all the time.  But its really fun to watch them. Here are some pictures to those who are not getting what I am trying to say. You will see some of the largest dog breed in these pictures.

Big Dogs21

Can we sit somewhere else??

Big Dogs20

Wake me up when September ends…

Big Dogs19

Can I see a Couch back there??

Big Dogs18

I am a horse

Big Dogs17

Comfortable and warm 🙂

Big Dogs16

I am a Lap dog

Big Dogs15

Someone get him a stool!!

Big Dogs14

The seat that best suits me

Big Dogs13

The perfect water bowl

Big Dogs12

Lets mop the driveway….

Big Dogs11

Chairs are so uncomfortable

Big Dogs10

I am babysitting today…

Big Dogs09

So the treats are kept over here 😛

Big Dogs08

Get your own couch tiny

Big Dogs07

The Couch is enough for both of us.

Big Dogs06

The best way to move around is to be carried in someones arms

Big Dogs05

No matter where you place the TV, He can still get his eyes on it

Big Dogs04

This Puppy Needs to be carried everywhere

Big Dogs03

Can lick the face whenever he wants

Big Dogs02

The Couch Potato

Big Dogs01

Always some place for me, even on holidays…


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