WhatsApp: Good Morning Messages

Flowers fragrance in fresh air,
Sound of birds chirping in sun’s first rays,
Whenever you open your eyelids…
You see happiness around you.
||||– GOOD MORNING –||||


Every new day give you,
Always new energy, spirit & happiness,
New day is also like a chocolate,
But it is not sweeter than you & your smile…
<<<< GOOD MORNING >>>>

Position, power or prestige,
It does not create happiness,
But is based on our relation,
Which is of true love & care….
Have a mind blowing day.
::::- GOOD MORNING -::::


Waves always gives us inspiration,
They always rise & fall-
They never fail to rise again & again,
So you never stop rising.
Have a rising day!!!


If you worry about trouble,
It always become double,
If you smile at it….
It flies away like a bubble,
So trouble the trouble….
& it will never come near you…
Have a happy feeling & keep smiling!!
**** GOOD MORNING ****