Rebus Riddle: What Phrase Is Hinted by The Picture?

In a rebus riddle a hint is given in a pictorial form or in group of words and you have to guess the word or phrase from the given hints. Below is a similar rebus riddle, you have to guess the phrase from the hints that are given in the picture. Salt: Good morning Pepper!

Brainteaser: How Did the Driver Not Notice the Flat Tire

Read the riddle carefully and then try to answer it. A family of 4 people drove in their car for about 250 miles at an average speed of 60 miles/hour. When they reached their destination, the kids noticed that they had a flat tire. How is it possible that not even the driver noticed it

Brain Teaser: How Much Does The Mixture Weigh Now?

Use your logical skills to solve this riddle. Dexter was working in his chemistry lab and created a mixture whose weight is contributed by 90% water and 10% Carbon. The weight of the mixture is 20 pounds. As he just finished creating the mixture, Dexter needs to go urgently for some work for 2 days.