Math Riddle: How Much Profit Does the Man make After Selling the Horse

Read the riddle carefully and leave your answers in the comment section A man buys a nice horse for $600. After a year the value of the horse has increased to $700 and he decides to sell the horse. But after a few days he regrets his decision and buys it back. Unfortunately he has … Read more

Stream Crossing Riddle: Help A Man, A Dog, A Duck & Berries Cross the Stream

Read the riddle carefully and leave your answers in the comment section. A man is going to the city with a dog, a duck and a sack of berries. He has to cross a stream to get to the city. He only has a tiny boat to cross the stream. In this boat he could … Read more

Guess This 5 Letter Word Which You Enjoyed A Lot In Your Childhood

Guess this 5 letter word from the hints given in the riddle. Guess this 5 letter word which you enjoyed a lot in your childhood. First 3 letters: You type this to get to most of the websites. Last 3 Letters: You speak in it to sing or communicate. Last letter: You do this every … Read more

Blind Bartender’s Problem: The Four Glass Puzzle

Blind Bartender’s Problem: The Four Glass Puzzle. The four glasses puzzle, also known as the blind bartender’s problem, is a logic puzzle first publicized by Martin Gardner in his “Mathematical Games” column in the February 1979 edition of Scientific American. Four glasses are placed on the corners of a square table. Some of the glasses … Read more

Whatsapp Puzzle: Guess the Names of the fruits (in Hindi) from below words

Test your knowledge in fruits with this WhatsApp Riddle. Guess the Names of the fruits (in Hindi) from below words 1. Not painted. 2. Season seed. 3. Say bring. 4. Common. 5. Ghaas wife. 6. Body fly. 7. God’s wife fruit. 8. Juice wife. 9. Father come. 10. Bring cheese minus se. So were you … Read more

Whatsapp Puzzle: Recognize The Names of The Things We Find in Kitchen

Lets play a spelling Quiz…….. Friends, recognize the names of the things we would normally find in a kitchen…..The spellings are jumbled……specially for make it interesting. 1. wcmoariev 2.nenaidgtnbl 3.phrsopce 4.gtseebvale 5.eulsps 6.tnsuiels 7.lyncdire 8.cspsei 9.oikgonlci 10.grsnsoviposen 11.aipddyrroctus 12.sarttoe Lets see who is a super kitchen queen …. So were you able to solve … Read more

Few Interesting Logical Riddles

Here are a Few Interesting Logical Riddles which you can ask your friends on Whatsapp, BBM, We Chat, Lime or any other chat app. You can pass it on to Whatsapp groups and impress people with your wit. The solutions are also mentioned after the questions. Puzzle 1: A guy has two wires of varying … Read more