Fun Brain Teaser: Why Did The Parrot Not Talk?

Have fun with this brain teaser and share it with your friends. Michael went to a pet shop in New York. The shop owner told him that his parrot is so unique that he repeats everything he hears. Michael got excited and immediately bought the parrot. Michael went home and spoke many words, but parrot does

Mind Riddle: How Many Bottles Did Mark Break?

Challenge your brains with this fun math riddle. Mark was a careless delivery truck driver. He used to break wine bottles while delivering them. So his owner Garry rolled out an incentive program to lure Mark. Mark would get an incentive of $ 3 for every intact wine bottle he delivered and he would be

Mind Puzzle: Why Did the Police Not Put Katrina Behind Bars?

Share it when you get the answer. Katrina killed hundreds of people mercilessly and yet the police was not able to put her behind the bars. Why? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. If you get the correct answer, please share it with your friends

Elevator Riddle: Who Leaves The Lift on Which Floor?

Leave your answers in the comment section. In an office building there are six floors in all. 6 people Simon, Harry, Susan, Pete, Trudy and David work on different floors. Simon stays in the lift for the longest. Susan gets out before Pete but after Trudy. The first one to get out is Harry. David